Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek

August 20, 2021

There’s no shortage of great tire options out there to complete the perfect rig. With that being said, sometimes it can actually be harder with so many options. There are a wide variety of mud-terrain and all-terrain tires that are designed to deliver confidence in your rig when you hit the trails, but a lot of them have most of the same design features. This can be a little confusing when it comes to the decision process; which is the best? We’re going to compare two popular tire lineups that have similar, aggressive tread designs: the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs. the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek.

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2020 jeep wrangler mickey thompson baja boss tires

Are the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires Any Good?

First up, we’re going to talk about the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss. This Baja Boss is a mud-terrain tire, however, it shouldn’t be ruled out as a contender for a daily driver either. It’s got a great reputation for delivering a comfortable ride on and off-road. Sometimes road noise can be a concern for mud tires, but the Baja Boss is relatively quiet, even at highway speeds. This is because this tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern and staggered lugs that help vary the tread pitch and reduce noise while increasing the on-road center handling feel. 

2015 ford f150 mickey thompson baja boss tires

It’s pretty obvious Mickey Thompson has extensive experience when it comes to producing an off-road tire. Their engineers understand how messy it can get out there which is why these tires have PowerPly XD sidewalls that deliver a more puncture-resistant tire along with improved handling and steering response. You’ll notice these upgraded sidewalls conform to the terrain they encounter, no matter what pressure they’re at. Mickey Thompson is also popular for their aggressive four-pitch Sidebiters, and now they’re 50% bigger on the Baja Boss, delivering even more off-road traction.

1990 ford ranger mickey thompson baja boss tires

Siping in the large tread blocks helps prevent hydroplaning and heat damage to ensure a longer tread life. You’ll notice the sipes aren’t in a straight line like usual, they’re in more of a zig-zagged pattern which helps the tires conform to trail obstacles instead of tearing. The Baja Boss also has self-cleaning grooves to help fling out mud and debris in order to keep the tire clean for better grip. 

2017 ford f350 super duty mickey thompson baja boss tires

Other noteworthy features include stone ejectors to keep gravel out of the grooves, angled shoulder scallops for more traction, mud scoops that provide a concave surface for mud traction, and a reinforced silica compound to maximize tread life and cut and chip resistance. 

2019 ford f250 super duty mickey thompson baja boss tires

What Sizes Do the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires Come In?

Mickey Thompson knows how important it is to have big, beefy tires that can rip up the trails and give you confidence while doing it. Because of that, they offer the Baja Boss is a wide variety of large sizes, including tire height that ranges all the way up to 40”. 

2008 ford f250 super duty mickey thompson baja boss tires

How Much Do Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires Cost?

Good mud tires are going to cost a little more than other tires. Luckily, you can snag a set of Baja Boss tires for as low as $1,068. For as high quality as these tires are, these are pretty affordable. Even better, they have a tread life expectancy of around 50,000 miles, so you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth. 

2013 jeep wrangler mickey thompson baja boss tires


Are the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek Tires Any Good?

The Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tires are all-terrain tires that have some features that help with off-roading like shoulder tread blocks with “stone blockades” that eject rocks so that they don’t stick in the tread. When rocks get trapped in the tread, it can limit grip on a tire and also reduce its tread life. It also has got large tread lugs and a high void ratio to help deliver more grip in off-roading scenarios. 

2021 jeep gladiator cooper discoverer rugged trek tires

Because of this being an all-terrain tire, the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek has Cooper’s Stable Trac Technology which is where the inner tread blocks have siping running in multiple directions, rather than just a straight line. Along with that, the outer tread features deliver extra sipes to ensure grip and prevent hydroplaning. Along with maximizing tread life, the stone ejectors in this tire also help keep the blocks clean for enhanced stability in cornering because of the great on-road connection. 

2021 chevy silverado 1500 cooper discoverer rugged trek tires

Since this tire is designed to perform on-road as well as off-road, road noise plays a big factor in this tire’s success. Cooper uses something they call “Whisper Grooves” which are edges on the sides of the tread blocks to help reduce road noise.

2018 ram 2500 anthem off-road wheels cooper tires

Even though this tire is pretty quiet doesn’t mean the engineers had to compromise how aggressive it looks. People are actually shocked that this is all-terrain tire looks like such a big, fierce mud tire. When it comes to warranty, Cooper offers a 60,000-mile warranty with most models and a 55,000-mile warranty for LT sizes. 

2017 ford f250 super duty method wheels cooper tires

What Sizes Do the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek Tires Come In?

One complaint about these tires is that they aren’t offered in a wide range of sizes. In fact, it’s pretty limited, only accommodating tire heights of up to 35”. So if you were looking any sizes bigger than that, you might have to look around at some other tire lineups. 

2010 chevy tahoe cooper discoverer tires

How Much Do the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek Tires Cost?

You can snag a set of these tires for as low as $918. While this is a couple of hundred dollars below the starting price for the Baja Boss, the sizes for the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek are smaller than the starting price for the Baja Boss tires. 

1997 ford f250 gear offroad wheels cooper discoverer tires

Shop Discoverer Rugged Trek Tires

Is the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss or the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek Better?

When it comes to choosing between these two tires, it depends on the frequency of hitting the trails with your rig. While the Cooper tire can get the job done, it’s definitely geared more toward supporting a daily driver lifestyle who occasionally off-roads. If you’re more of an extreme trail guy, the Baja Boss is practically designed to handle the abuse. The moral of the story, handle those tires without care, they don’t mind. 

2001 chevy silverado helo wheels cooper discoverer tires

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