Secrets To Know Before Off-Roading

March 25, 2022


Every off-road adventure has some challenges, and your first one can be pretty nerve-racking.  Today, we're going through 6 tips and tricks you should know before you start your first adventure. Check it out!




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-Food And Water

-Avoid Peer Pressure

-Air Down The Tires

- Use The Parking Brake

- Shifting Key Points

- Have A Spotter

2021 Ford Bronco


Food And Water

Whether this is your 1st trip or your 100th, it is always essential to pack the essentials, like food and water. Always packing snacks and staying hydrated during your trip are extremely important. You never know when your trip will go from a one-day trip to a 3-day trip.

Plus, you will always feel more energized and will be able to think better in challenging situations if you have some good food in you. 


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Avoid Peer Pressure

Now, this may seem silly, but it's the truth. Avoiding peer pressure is a great way to make sure that you stay within your boundaries and make sure you don't do something you don't want to. When things are broken or dented, it's because we've fallen to peer pressure and did something we initially wouldn't do.

You're going to feel anxious your first time out, so you take a minute to relax, sit in your ride, and get comfortable with where you are and what you are driving. Also, you will always want to buckle your seatbelt. Making sure you wear your seatbelt helps keep you safer and will help keep you in the rig if you end up rolling or crashing it.  


2021 Toytota Tundra


Air Down The Tires

One big thing to know is that when you finally get to your off-roading site, air down your tires 15-pounds. This is a safe amount to go down without worrying too much about popping the tire off the rim of the bead seat. This also allows for a smoother ride on bumpy trails, and it helps your tires gain additional traction while off-roading.

One recommendation is that if you have selectable lock-outs in the front hub area, is to make sure your lock-outs engage by grabbing your tire and rocking the vehicle. This helps mesh them all together and allows you to hear that clicking sound.



2021 jeep wrangler Rubicon


Use The Parking Brake

One thing you want to make sure you always do is remember the parking brake. If you're enjoying the ride and stop for a minute to take a break, always put down your parking brake, especially if you are getting out of the rig. The best way to set your parking brake is to hold the footbrake, shift the transmission in neutral, then set the parking brake, release your foot off of the brake pedal, let the vehicle settle in place with the parking brake set, push the brake pedal and shift the transmission into park.


2020 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon


This allows you not to have all of the weight of the vehicle relying on the little pin that keeps your rig in park, and it also allows you to ensure your rig isn't going to roll away on you. The best way to get in the habit of setting your parking brake is to do it with your daily driver. Don't forget to release the parking brake before you go back to adventuring.


2020 lexus gx460


Shifting Key Points

Suppose you're mainly running faster trails. Snow or mud, then four-high is the way to go unless you're crawling or going up hills, then it's best to be in four-low. One of the easiest ways to remember this is using a little trick. Try to remember four-low for more control. But, if you're not particularly sure in that situation because you are unsure of the trails, always ask a buddy for a second opinion.


2021 Ford Bronco


Have A Spotter

The last secret to know is always to have a spotter. Having a spotter is never a bad thing because it allows you to keep others safe and for others to help keep you safe. Always have a spotter, whether you're trying out an easy path or some rough terrain.

You never know when something could go wrong. Plus, the spotter is outside of the vehicle, so they can always see things you can't, so they might be able to help you move around the challenging obstacles better and see what could be the best path for you to take. 

2020 Toyota tacoma


So, what do you think? Have everything you need to know before you take on your next off-roading adventure? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, don't forget that you can get free mounting, balancing, and shipping right to your door when you package your wheels with some tires. 

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