What Fits A Ford Bronco For Off-Roading?

July 1, 2022

Ford Bronco Recommended Wheel and Tire Fitment

Wouldn't it be nice if tire size fitment was provided right on the manufacturer's website in plain sight, detailed in the specifications of each model? That'd be great, but it's never going to happen due to liability issues. And that's why we have things like our fitment gallery and are making pieces like this to make it much easier for you guys to figure out which size tires fit before ordering them from us.

Today's piece will focus on the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport - we'll be showing you the recommended fitment specs for each so you can ride on with peace of mind that your setup fits as it should.


Table Of Contents:

-Ford Bronco Sport Stock Wheel and Tire Size

-Recommended Suspension Mods and Fitment for the Ford Bronco Sport

-Tire Size and Recommended Suspension Mods For The Ford Bronco


2021 Ford Bronco with Fuel Covert wheels and Rough Country suspension kit

Ford Bronco Sport Stock Wheel and Tire Size

We start with the Ford Bronco Sport - the Sport comes from the factory with either a 225/65 or 235/65 tire on a 17-inch wheel. When sticking to a factory wheel offset, the biggest size tire that you can run on the Bronco Sport without a lift is a 245/65 17, which is about 30.5 inches tall. There won't be any rubbing - at least while driving on the street - but depending on the size of the tire, there might be some light rubbing while off-roading or articulating in rocks and extreme situations.

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Recommended Suspension Mods and Fitment for the Ford Bronco Sport

However, if you don't want any rubbing at all for your Bronco Sport, or you don't want to do any trimming, then it's recommended to install a 1.5-inch suspension lift. For those, we carry Belltech, ReadyLIFT, and Rough Country. If you plan to run an aftermarket wheel with more of a negative offset with new, larger tires, then going with a 1.5-inch lift will be necessary.

The more negative offset or the more the tires are pushed outwards away from your Bronco, the more that they will contact the fenders while turning, even on the street. And because it's a Bronco Sport, the 245/70 is the largest tire size that will fit. Anything bigger than that, and you'll need the big brother Bronco to fit them.

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2021 Ford Bronco with Fifteen52 TurboMac wheels and stock suspension

Tire Size and Recommended Suspension Mods For The Ford Bronco

Here's the crazy awesome thing about the big brother Broncos - Ford has made their wheel openings large enough to fit a 35-inch tire, even on a base model. When you go to Ford's website and build a base Bronco, you can add 35-inch tires as an upgrade without needing to install a lift - that is awesome.

If you want to bump up to a 37-inch tire, all it takes is an additional 2 inches of lift - although you can stuff 37s under a Bronco without a lift, they'll rub quite a bit and will require some trimming to accomplish. If you have the Bronco Sasquatch Edition or plan on ordering the new Everglades Edition, then 37s will fit even without any trimming or modifications - just bolt them on and go.

And of course, the Bronco Raptor already comes with 37s installed - at this point in the game where Bronco Raptor models have only been out for a few months, we don't have any additional information on fitting tires larger than 37 inches. However, we're sure there are plenty of Bronco Raptor owners and suspension manufacturers out there that are already working on something to fit a 40 or even larger - we'll just have to wait and see.

Click here to add your Ford Bronco build to our fitment gallery!

Shop Wheels, Tires, and Suspension for your Ford Bronco at TrailBuilt Off-Road

As we mentioned earlier, keep in mind that the more negative offset a wheel is, when you package it with a larger tire size, the more chances are that it's going to interfere with the fenders while turning lock to lock. That's why it would be great for all Bronco owners who have upgraded to a larger tire size to jump over to our fitment gallery and add your build. Not only does this help explain to others what was done with the suspension, or if there was any trimming or rubbing, but you also get to show it off as well.

Also, if you still need wheels, tires, and suspension for your Bronco, head over to our store and we'll get you set up with the package that'll best fit your build. Reach out to our team at any time if you need help, but for now, thanks for reading and we'll see you out on the trails.

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