Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ Off-Road Tire Review

July 20, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ Tire

Mickey Thompson is one of the most celebrated and popular off-road tires in the market, and it warrants every bit of praise it gets. All Mickey Thompson tires are class leaders when it comes to durability, grip, and performance, and its new Baja Legend MTZ is no different. So, what's new and improved on this tire, and why should you be keeping an eye out for one to add to your off-road rig? We'll show you today - come check out our review of the Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ below.

Mickey Thompson Legend MTZ P3 tires on 1982 Jeep Cherokee

New Features of the Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ

The Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ is part rebranding, part performance upgrades. If you're even a little bit familiar with Mickey Thompson then you're already familiar with their MTZ, running with P3 technology. P3 is a bit older, so Mickey Thompson came out with the new Legend MTZ as an upgrade over its predecessor. So what are the biggest differences on this new model?

One of the biggest differences you'll find is the new proprietary silica compound used to make the Baja Legend MTZ. This compound is designed to be a bit quieter on the road, and offer more traction both on and off the road. This tire also improves chip and cut resistance, so you're really getting a more improved tire with the tread compound all the way around with the Baja Legend MTZ.

Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ tire

Upgraded Design and Performance of the Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ

Along with the redesigned silica tread compound, you're also getting a slightly redesigned sidewall tread pattern and sidebiters on the Baja Legend MTZ. Every other sidebiter on here has a four degree angle of pitch to help not only forward momentum and traction, but reverse traction as well. When you're trying to get out of precarious situations on the trails, or the ruts, or anything like that, this tire is much better-equipped than many others in the industry to help you out.

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As far as the tread design on the Baja Legend MTZ goes, the shoulder lags are a bit more aggressive than P3 MTZs - you still get a closely-compacted tread design as you would on a hybrid tire to reduce road noise, but you also get open, large, and aggressive shoulder lags that help with mud and snow evacuation. Along with the hybrid-looking tread design on here, each individual tread block does have one sip on or in the tread block. That helps with driving on wet surfaces and helps with traction when you're in the rocks while off the road.

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What Sizes Are Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ Tires Available In?

The Baja Legend MTZ is a great tire that's more well-balanced for on and off-road performance, and they're available in 35 different sizes to just about guarantee that you'll find one to fit on your rig. You can find the Baja Legend MTZ in our inventory, and we can't recommend a set strongly enough. We've seen the Baja Legend in action and had no problems with punctures or cuts, so if you've been on the hunt for the kind of durability and performance that Mickey Thompson tires can offer, take a look at the Baja Legend MTZ.

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The Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ is available now at TrailBuilt, and you can get additional savings when you package them together with a new set of wheels - the mounting, balancing, and shipping are all free if you do. Of course, be sure to check out our fitment gallery before you buy if you want to see how a set of Baja Legend MTZs will look on your rig, and let us know if you need any more information, and we're always happy to help. Check the Baja Legend MTZ tires out, and we'll see you out on the trails!

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