General Grabber X3 Mud-Terrain Tire Review

August 3, 2022

Is The General Grabber X3 A Good Off-Road Tire?

One of the tires that we haven't had much time to talk about here at TrailBuilt is the General Grabber X3 Mud Terrain, and we're pretty excited about it - after all, it's synonymous with overlanders. And you do see a lot of them out there, so today we'll be breaking down how we like them, some of their best features, and how well they can handle themselves in the roughest off-road situations.

The General Grabber X3 is a perfect, worthy option for everything from overlanding vehicles to work trucks, construction vehicles, and anything that will be heading off the road and needs a maximum traction tire to help them out, while also having decent on-road manners. So let's jump into it and see what the Grabber X3 can do.


General Grabber X3 tires on 2014 Ford F-150

Construction And Durability Of The General Grabber X3 Mud-Terrain

One of the biggest things that General talks about is the construction of its tire, known as Duragen Technology. Duragen is a blend of woven fibers which is three-ply thick in the sidewalls, and in the construction of the carcass of the tire. The way the tire is manufactured and engineered gives it a super strong carcass, and that means that if you have a flat tire, for example, it'll still hold up, at least for a little while. But if you're aired down on the trail, you're putting a lot of pressure and stress on the tires, but they're still not going to come apart on you.

This also means that the General Grabber X3 is extremely resistant to sidewalk cuts and punctures, thanks to the different woven fibers that create it. The X3 was actually built for the off-road racing industry, and began as what General referred to as a "red-letter" tire - the same technology that was used in Baja and short course off-road racing has been built right into the General Grabber X3, so you're getting that strong, reliable, durable construction out of a DOT-compliant, race-influenced tire.

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Does The General Grabber X3 Make A Lot Of Road Noise?

After running the Grabber X3 for a couple thousand miles, we can report that they are a bit noisy, but that's to be expected out of a mud tire. If you want a quiet ride, especially on the highway, then you'll want to look at more of a hybrid terrain tire, or even an all-terrain tire if you're willing to give up some off-road capabilities.

With that said, the Grabber X3s aren't horrendously loud - they're not slapping the pavement or making a super loud howling sound or anything like that. You can hear them, but it's not terrible. Of course, it's a general rule of thumb that a more aggressive tire will have more road noise- it's just what happens because there are more tread voids in between those tread logs, and more space to allow the tread to come around and hit the pavement.

General Grabber X3 tires on 2015 Ford F-150 with ICON Alloy 171 wheels

Is The General Grabber X3 Good For Off-Roading and Overlanding?

Synonymous with mud tires is that they do run a little bit more of a softer compound, which will give you additional traction while off-roading, but if you're running your X3s on the road, expect them to wear out a bit faster than hybrid or all-terrain tires. We've heard that the X3 is pretty decent in the winter as well, though for the best performance there, the General Grabber All-Terrain is still your best option. But if you're looking for great off-road traction, the X3 is really the way to go.

Part of the X3's high off-road performance capabilities come from the design of the tire itself. It's got some siping on it through the tread blocks, and there is even some siping in the center tread blocks. It's a full-depth sipe, which means that it'll go down to the base of the tread, which is nice because it helps the tread block flex and fold a little bit when you're at lower tire pressures while off-roading. That'll give you some extra traction when the tread block is gripping around rocks or whichever obstacle it is that you're trying to get over.

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Design Cues Of The General Grabber X3 Tire

Another thing we really like about the X3 is not only do they prove that they're very capable for off-roading in the mud or on the rocks, but they have a really nice look them to them as well. They look really aggressive, and obviously, we're not out here buying tires because of the looks, but it definitely helps. So if you want a tire that looks nice but ultimately performs in tougher terrains, you'll need a tire like this to help you get the job done.

The X3s shine in tough conditions because of their high-quality sidewall construction, Duragen technology, and tread construction, so they'll be able to perform at peak in all types of off-roading conditions, from mud to sand, rocks to stumps, and anything else - all told, they can handle the worst abuse, and so far, we're really liking them. And we think you will too.

Shop The General Grabber X3 Mud-Terrain Tire At TrailBuilt Off-Road

If you've got your eyes on a new set of tires to help you get the job done both on and off the road, the General Grabber X3 is a fantastic option. Check out our inventory today and grab a set for your rig - don't forget that the mounting and balancing are free when you package new tires with new wheels at TrailBuilt.

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