Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Tire and Lift Kit Fitment Guide

August 10, 2022

What Fits On a 2015-Present Chevrolet Colorado ZR2?

Fitting a round tire in a square wheel opening definitely presents a challenge when upgrading to larger tires, and today, that's on display. We'll be taking you through what size tire fits with what size lifts on a 2015 and newer Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 off-road package - the Colorado is quickly becoming one of America's best mid-size off-road trucks, and it's a perfect candidate for some of the best off-road builds you can do. Come with us below and check out everything that fits on your truck so you can move forward on the trails in confidence.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado with RRW RR5 wheels

What Is The Biggest Tire That Can FIt A Stock Chevrolet Colorado ZR2?

The first question we want to answer is "What is the biggest tire we can fit on a Chevy ZR2 with a stock suspension?" Now, the stock tire is about 30.5 inches tall, being a 265/65R17. Running a factory offset wheel you can go up to a 265/70, which is about a 31.5-inch tire. If you're running a more aggressive mud-terrain tire or something similar, it may rub, and it probably will rub if you're really flexing on the trails - anything bigger than this tire size and you'll need at least a spacer kit.

What Is The Biggest Tire to Fit a Chevy Colorado ZR2 With A Leveling Kit?

With just a 1.25-inch leveling kit, you can bump up to a 275/70R17, or just over a 32-inch tire, without any rubbing or trimming needed unless it's a pretty aggressive tread. If you don't mind getting a bit more aggressive with fender trimming, you can bump up the tire size to a 285/70R17, or a 32.75-inch tall tire with just a leveling kit. But if you don't mind going a little skinnier on the tire width, you can run a true 33-inch tall tire (255/80R17) with is 10 inches wide, with just that 1.25-inch leveling kit we mentioned and with no rubbing or trimming, still running a factory offset.

Now, if you are wanting at least a 33 inch-tall tire and wanting to go wider than 10 inches wide, like a 295-70-17, you'll need to push the wheels out further away from the suspension to avoid any interference, especially if you're running something like a 17x9 wheel with at least a 0 offset. Second, unless you want to do major trimming to the fenders and wheel openings, you'll need at least three inches of lift, and even then, if the tire is more aggressive you may still have to do some slight trimming to keep the tires from rubbing during aggressive off-roading sessions, especially when aired down.

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What Are The Best Body Lifts for The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2?

Just a note to that point is that the lift isn't so much to clear above the tire - it's actually used more to clear in front and behind the tires when turning lock to lock, also to clear the wheel opening in front of the rear tires too. If you're not looking to spend the money on a three inch suspension lift, there are options on our site for body lifts, like Rough Country. Otherwise, the alternative to fit a 33 inch tire is to do some aggressive trimming to the fenders - just keep in mind that the largest tire size that fits in the spare tire location maxes out at 33 inches.

2018 Chevrolet Colorado with Dirty Life DT2 wheels

What Size Lift Do You Need To Run a 35 Inch Tire On The Chevy Colorado?

So, to run 35s with little to no rubbing, what size lift will you need? For one, you'll still have to run a wheel with a minimum of a zero offset, but a -12mm offset is a little bit better for extra clearance to run at least a 12.5 inch wide tire. Second, no rubbing or trimming while offroading with a 35 inch tire calls for about six inches of lift.

You can fit 35s on your ZR2 with only four inches of lift, but once you start airing down and really working your suspension, there will definitely be some fender and tire interference, especially with more aggressive tires. So if you just want to bolt on 35s without having to modify the fenders, then a six inch lift will be the way to go there. There are companies out there like AEV that make high-clearance fender kits for the ZR2, so that way you can still get a clean factory look without it looking like anything was cut or trimmed around the fenders, then stuff some 35s in there without having to install a lift.

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What Size Lift Do You Need To Run a 37 Inch Tire On The Chevy Colorado?

To bump up to 37s, it's the same song and dance as going up to 35s. No rubbing and no trimming will require at least an eight inch lift - with slightly more aggressive trimming, a six inch lift is a good call, and for very aggressive trimming, you can still get away with a four inch lift.

Shop Wheels, Tires and Suspension for the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Of course, the best tool you can use to figure out what'll fit on your Colorado is our fitment gallery, which we've linked here. Here, you can check out how your fellow off-road enthusiasts have built their Colorado trucks so you can see the best fitment options for the look you want to achieve. Once you've got your perfect fitment in mind, check out our wheel and tire stores and add your favorite options to the cart - mounting and balancing is free on all wheel and tire packages that we offer, so there's never been a better time to get the setup that your Colorado build needs.

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