Milestar Patagonia XT Off-Road Tire Review

August 17, 2022

Is The Milestar Patagonia XT A Good Off-Road Tire?

Love the Nitto Ridge Grappler but disappointed that it's not three peak mountain snowflake rated? Then stick around, friends, because we've got another tire just for you - the Milestar Patagonia XT.

Being that Milestar's newest hybrid terrain tire, the Patagonia XT, is a three peak mountain snowflake rated tire, and approved for severe winter weather driving conditions, isn't that its only attribute that allows it to stand out over the competition? As it turns out, no - there are plenty of things that the Patagonia XT brings to the table that can give you a serious performance boost for your next trip on the trails. Come with us below as we tell you all you need to know about this new, quick-rising industry favorite.

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2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty with Fuel Vapor wheels

Pricing and Warranty Coverage on the Milestar Patagonia XT

First and foremost, we'll start with price. The Milestar Patagonia XT is a relatively inexpensive option especially when compared with other industry leaders, and in many cases, you'll save enough money purchasing a set of XTs to be able to add a spare tire for nearly the same cost as a competitor's set of four.

Another thing we like about the Milestar brand in general is that they have an easy to read, straightforward treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles, or five years from the original purchase date. This is listed in plain sight when scrolling through Milestar's tires on their website and they really want you to know that if there's a problem with one of their tires, they're gonna make it right and take care of you.

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Tread Block Design and Construction on the Milestar Patagonia XT

We also really like the tread pattern on these XTs - they offer a great blend of on and off-road characteristics. For on-road, the Patagonia XT has a more closely grouped-together centered tread, where most of your tire's contact patch will be connected to the pavement and help reduce road noise. Milestar slammed the centered blocks at an angle, so not all the tread logs will be hitting the ground all at the same time.

Plus, this also helps cut back the amount of cupping that more aggressive tread patterns will experience in a shorter amount of time. Angling and alternating the center tread blocks also helps increase the number of biting edges that the Patagonia XT offers in every direction, to continuously provide that biting edge traction when braking, accelerating and cornering in all types of different weather conditions. All of the tread blocks across the contact patch, and even into the sidewall tread, will have plenty of variable depth sipes to provide smaller biting edges while allowing the center of the tread blocks themselves to have a little more flexibility.

Milestar Patagonia XT tires on 2008 Toyota Tundra

Tread Depth and Tire Performance of the Milestar Patagonia XT

Even though the center tread is grouped closer together on the Patagonia XT, there is still 19/32" of tread depth in between the lugs, which makes this tire one of the deepest tread depths you can get on the market in the hybrid tire category.

But it's not just the tread depth that's pretty cool - in between the center tread blocks, there are step bridges which will help prevent mud, snow, or stones from sticking in between the treads, and help with a little bit of additional traction when aired down. All the while, this helps offer more rigidity to the tread blocks in order to keep them stronger and not wanting to move around as much. This is especially helpful when you place your tires under extreme pressure, such as cornering, slamming the brakes, accelerating, and in many different types of off-road situations.

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2008 Toyota Tundra with Milestar Patagonia XT tires

Shoulder and Sidewall Design of the Milestar Patagonia XT

Moving out to the shoulder blocks, we also see step blocks on the inner edges and our one variable depth center tread sipe, along with alternating outer edge scoops. This sidewall tread not only provides traction when aired down, but it also helps in providing extra protection against sharp cuts, tears, or punctures. Plus, the sidewalls are also three plies thick, so it has to be a pretty hard hit or unlucky circumstance to cut or puncture the sidewall.

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Those of you who are looking for a really great all-around, high-quality, high-performing tire who use your vehicle for a multitude of on or off-road purposes should make sure to add the Milestar Patagonia XT high up on your list when looking for a new off-road tire. The Patagonia XT is available now at TrailBuilt Off-Road, and we'll handle the mounting and balancing for free when you package a set with new wheels. Shop the Milestar Patagonia XT online today, and we'll see you out on the trails!

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