December 6, 2019

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires are some of the best all-season trail riding and rock crawling tires on the market today. Offroaders will not be disappointed with a set of STT Pros on their off-road vehicles. 


About Cooper Tire Company

Cooper has a reputation as one of the best and most innovative jeep tire manufacturers out there. Since their modest inception in Akron, Ohio in 1914, they have been making some of the best road and off-road tires on the market. Cooper prides itself on “good merchandise, fair play, and a square deal.” 


The Discoverer STT Pros offer outstanding off-road performance capabilities without sacrificing on-road traction. Since the STT Pros came out several years ago, they have taken over the market, proving to be one of the most advanced off-road tires available.


Tread Design Pattern

The STT Pro tire tread design pattern is impressive, with scoop-shaped lugs that will give your car extra bite when you’re off-roading in intense terrain. The tires’ massive tread voids help kick mud and snow out of the tire to increase the grip, responsiveness, and resilience of the tire in wet weather. 


Stone Ejectors

The tires have stone ejectors between almost every tread lugs. Most other off-roading tires have far fewer stone ejectors in tire. The stone ejectors will help prevent smaller stones and other materials from sticking in the tire. Smaller stones prevent your tires from gaining maximized traction, and they can even puncture the tire in between the tread. 


Site Biters

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pros come with pretty aggressive side biters. Side biters help give the tire gain extra traction on soft ground like sand and snow. 3-2 tread ribs to reduce noise and increase the stability of the ride. The tires are going to wear quicker on pavement than on mud, but that’s just the nature of these off-road tires. 


Jeep with Cooper Discoverer STT Pros #1


Jeep with Cooper Discoverer STT Pros #2


Cooper Discoverer STT Pros At Work

We took a Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with Cooper Discoverer STT Pros to our TrailBuilt testing facility grounds to see if they were as good as people said they were. Sure enough, no incline, decline, rut, snow mound, or large rock proved to be a challenge for the 37” off-road tires. They confidently pushed through mud puddles and never slipped on narrow outcrops. The tires conquered each obstacle in our testing facility and would stand the test on off-road trails. 


We are proud to say that the Cooper Discoverer STT Pros are some of the best tires on the market today. They’re versatile, durable, and designed to provide the best and safest off-road ride possible. From sand dunes to rocky outcrops, the STT Pros will hold up.


Let us Help you Find a Set of Cooper Discoverer STT Pros for your Jeep

We are enthusiasts who care about helping you find the right tire for your off-roading vehicle, and we truly cannot recommend the Cooper STT Pro enough. You can find a fantastic selection of Cooper Discoverer STT Pros on our website. If you pair the tires with a set of wheels, we’ll give you free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. The tires come with Cooper’s standard limited warranty.


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