Top Suspension Kits for Jeeps Under $1000

December 22, 2019

Off-Roading can be an expensive lifestyle, so good deals are never unwelcome. Suspension kits are generally one of the more expensive parts of building an off-road worthy vehicle, which is why we chose to provide you guys with the top 5 suspension kits for under $1000. In this breakdown we’re not just looking at a few components; We’re looking at complete suspension kits that include everything you’ll need to get on the road. All of these kits are 4” lifts and are designed to fit up to 35” tires and available at TrailBuilt Off-Road


We specifically looked for kits that included lifted coil springs, longer shocks, extended swaybar links, and both brake-line and track-bar relocation brackets. Obviously, we only looked at kits priced under $1000, however during our search we emphasized that we only wanted to highlight kits that are made with quality products. 


1) Rough Country 4" Jeep JKU Suspension Lift Kit

Starting at $500, the Rough Country 4” suspension lift is the first on our list. Rough Country has seriously stepped up their game in terms of quality over the past few years. Tons of people are repeatedly buying their products and loving them at the same time. 


2) SUPERLIFT 4” Jeep JKU Suspension Lift Kit

Priced just above the Rough Country kit, this Superlift 4” suspension kit is next on our list and is definitely worth checking out. Superlift is a well-known brand throughout the industry and offer quality products for both Jeeps and Trucks. 


3) Zone 4” Jeep JK/JKU Suspension Lift Kit

Priced at $600 is the Zone 4” suspension lift kit, including the same standard components as the first two products listed with an equivalent level of quality. Zone is a subsidiary of BDS lifts and withholds the same level of strength and craftsmanship.


4) Pro Comp 4” Jeep JK/JKU Suspension Lift Kit 

Priced just above the first three kits on our list is the Pro Comp 4” suspension lift, coming in at $675. This Pro Comp lift kit includes the same standard components that we found on the other kits and even comes with Pro Comp’s Es9000 shocks. 


5) ReadyLift 4” Jeep JK/JKU Suspension Lift Kit

Last, but certainly not least, is the ReadyLift 4” suspension kit for the Jeep JK and JKU models. One of the top names in the industry, ReadyLift put a lot of work into developing this kit which is why it is the most expensive on our list at $800. Also worth noting is the adjustable track-bar variation of this kit; Priced at $840 you get a ReadyLift manufactured fully adjustable track-bar for a mere $40 extra!



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