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Milestar Patagonia M/T REview

December 30, 2019

1. So What Is The Hype with the Milestar Patagonial MT

Fresh into our inventory is the Milestar Patagonia M/T, one of the hottest new mud-terrains on the market. As many of you know Milestar is one of the strongest brands in the off-road tire industry and these patagonias are nothing short of awesome. Designed with some very unique features along with Milestar’s proprietary compound, the Patagonia M/Ts are definitely worth checking out for those of you in the market for a fresh set of mud-terrain tires for your off-road vehicles. As always be sure to check out the Patagonia M/Ts along with all of our other wheel and tires products on TrailBuiltOffRoad.com! 


Milestar Patagonia M/T Tires from our Gallery

View more Milestar Patagonia MT photos in our Gallery.


2. Center-Tread Lug Pattern

These tires have multiple advantages over other mud-terrains on the market, specifically the continuous center-tread lug pattern that provides constant contact with the road. Although this differs from most other mud-terrains considering that there isn’t a massive gap in between the tread blocks, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This design severely cuts down on road noise due to the continuous lug always making road contact, meaning that the big gaps that we typically see on mud-terrains, known to cause humming or howling while driving, are non-existent.


Features of the Milestar Patagonia MT

  1. continuous center-tread lug pattern
  2. there isn’t a massive gap in between the tread blocks
  3. cuts down on road noise
  4. considerably quieter than other MT tires


Although this doesn’t mean that these tires are silent when driving down the highway (we’ve yet to come across a mud-terrain with that level of technology), they are considerably quieter than other tires designated for this level of off-road performance, without sacrificing any capability.  


Milestar Patagonia M/T Photos from our Store


3. Made For Off-Road

The outer edges of the Patagonia M/Ts are strapped with some serious shoulder lugs that account for a fair amount of grab and tread void. The shoulder lugs continue towards the center of the tire, ending just before the center lug which gives these M/Ts a ton of bite when operating on gravel or in the mud. These tires are also developed with Milestar’s proprietary tread compound which makes the tread blocks nice and soft for even more grip and traction when hitting the trails or crawling rocks. 


One thing to note about these tires when running in thicker clay, mud, or snow is that they are known to gum-up quite a bit at lower speeds. This is due to the fact that snow, mud, etc. does not get thrown or spit out of the tires as easily/quickly when rotating at slower speeds. Driver’s who typically tend to take their time and ease through the trails should consider using a bit more skinny pedal when running patagonias if you start seeing this problem. 


Jeeps running Milestar Patagonia MT Tires


4. The Bottom Line

Overall we’ve been hearing great things about these tires, especially with how they wear over time, and are very impressed with the quality and design. If you’re in the market for an awesome mud-terrain tire setup be sure to check these out on our website for an awesome deal. Lastly for anyone looking for not only tires but a full wheel/tire package, our customers save $200 on average by purchasing through TrailBuilt with everything shipped to your door, mounted and balanced.