Atturo Trail Blade Boss review

January 1, 2020

We expect a lot from mud tires because they’re expected to do a lot for us in the most challenging environments. To the trained eye, they’re usually recognized for their large tread blocks and wide spaces. Mud tires are there to drive through almost anything, including gravel, water, rocks, dirt, and -- oh, yeah -- mud. Although they can perform well on regular roads no problem, they’re meant for the places not meant for average vehicles. The polite term for this is off-road driving. 


Josh from Trailbuilt reviews what he (and we) believes is the best mud tire for your money: the Atturo Trail Blade Boss. Why? It’s a high-performing off-road tire at an affordable price. 


According to the Trail Blade website, The Boss proves these stats: 

  • 17% better traction in deep mud
  • 10% better in gravel
  • 9% better in sand


*Based on NATC testing against the Trail Blade® M/T


The Boss is the fourth tire in its Trail Blade series with a design you won’t soon forget. 


1. Cutting-edge design

What you’ll notice right off the bat is the “sharp” tread design -- the tread blocks look like knives! It’s designed like these that really set tires apart. The design is drawn from the actual Quartermaster QSA-1 Boss Hog knife, which is made for serious, hard-core use. Alternating shoulder blocks mimic the outline of the knife handle tread.


Atturo Trail Blade Boss Tires from our Gallery


2. Wide-tread voids

The tread voids contain grooves and valleys that are going to help you out when you are needing that extra traction. They also feature center grooves that also focus on water and mud evacuation. The sipes are there to add to the extra road traction. Beneath the tread is a three-ply sidewall for load capacity and protection. The sidewalls feature the same blade and handle shapes as the tread, providing traction in challenging places. 



3. Stone ejectors 

Of course, these are pretty common for most mud tires, but here they are, helping to keep those pesky pebbles from sticking around. Keep your tread blocks clear! 


4. Low noise level

After asking around, we’ve learned that, for a mud tire, the Trail Blade Boss is not really all that loud or noisy compared to some of those other mud terrains out there. 


5. Sizes 

This is a 38” section width tire here in this video. This particular set of four will run right under about $1100, which for a 38-inch section-width tire is a heck of a deal. You’ll find tire sizes go from 15-24 inches. 


About Atturo Tire Company

Atturo, a private brand tire company started in 2009, has become a leader in the SUV and 4x4 market. It made a name for itself with its Trail Blade M/T and helped pioneer the off-road category. The Trail Blade M/T earned prestige in short-course off-road and desert racing as well as overland expeditions. 


With a presence in 30 different countries, its brought style and performance at an affordable price point. Its iconic Trail Blade series adds the Boss to its X/T and A/T styles. Shop Atturo tires at


Those of you who have had experience with these Trail Blade bosses can go ahead and drop us a note in the YouTube comments section. Let us know what you think!



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