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Atturo Trailblade XT Review. THESE HYBRID TIRES ARE SICK!

March 14, 2020

1. Atturo’s New Hybrid Tire

On this product review of the week, we’re here to talk to you about Atturo’s TrailBlade XT, the newest edition to their hybrid tire line up. Hybrid tires have compacted center lugs and less aggressive tread patterns that provide quieter and smoother on-road experience while maintaining a considerable amount of off-road capability, unlike more aggressive treads that are typically associated with pure mud-terrain tires. 


F150 Atturo Trailblade XTTundra Atturo Trailblade XT



2. What Makes The TrailBlade XTs Different?

The TrailBlade XTs are designed with protruding shoulder lugs that allow for more grab on the outer edges of the tire, especially when aired down on tougher terrains such as mud or snow. Shoulder lugs give the Atturo XTs a major off-road performance advantage over standard road tires without the super aggressive overall tread that mud-terrains come with. The integration of these lugs put these tires in a league of their own considering their daily-drivable center tread pattern and the tough shoulder lugs of a pure mud-terrain tire. Whether it be driving to the office during the week or hitting the trails on the weekend, these tires have you covered. 


Atturo Trailblade XTAtturo Trailblade XT


Atturo has also integrated a notable amount of siping into these tires, ensuring that each individual lug has been siped at least once; As opposed to other brands that have tendencies to only sipe every other lug or no lugs at all. The extra siping gives these tires extra grip in rough terrains such as heavy rain, snow, and ice. If you live up north in the snow or down south in the mud, these hybrid tires from Atturo are a great option for all types of on-road and off-road use. 


Silverado Atturo Trailblade XTSilverado Atturo Trailblade XT


3. Why Atturo

Atturo has been doing an excellent job with their tire development and production. As the brand proceeds to come out with new products they continue to leave a lasting impression of quality on the off-road tire industry. Overall we were genuinely impressed by the TrailBlade XTs and believe that they’ll make a great fit for anyone in the market for a hybrid style off-road tire. 


4. Wrap Up

As mentioned above what stood out to us the most on the TrailBlade XTs included:



We are looking forward to what Atturo brings to the table next. If you’re in the market for mud-terrain, all-terrain, hybrid tread, or any other type of tire be sure to check out Atturo and all of the other tire brands offered on our website. While you're there keep an eye out for our discount wheel & tire packages!