Top 5 Off-Road Wheels Under $1000

April 1, 2021

Let's go through our Top 5 Wheels Under $1000!



Table of Contents

1. Method NV

2.  Black Rhino Armory

3. Raceline Avenger/ Defender

4. Vision Nemesis

5. Pro Comp Series 46 Prodigy

Method NV Titan

1. Method NV

Coming in at just under $1000 for a set of four in a 17-inch wheel size we have the Method NV. This wheel is built to take the abuse that US off-roaders give it. With an iconic 12 window design, a 356 aluminum t6 heat treatment, and etched in Method logos with this simulated bead lock has the looks and the strength that we love, demand, and can expect from a company that continues to break standards in quality and strength with their wheel designs.

Method NV

The Method NV is available in bronze finish, matte finish, and machined finish and can be found in 16, 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes.


Method NV Titan


2. Black Rhino Armory

Next, coming in at just under $900 in the 17-inch wheel size we have another off-road industry favorite, the Black Rhino Armory. Straight from the battle zone, this wheel is the right weapon of choice with its bolted face, a dramatic statement of power that is perfect for the regiment of the adventure-minded.

Black Rhino Armory

These Black Rhino Armory wheels are one of the most uniquely designed off-road wheels due to their unique center cap and huge rim lips to provide safe bead seating for oversized tires. This tactical style affirmatively radars an indestructible quality of explosive proof looks to a whole new caliber. Black Rhino's mission was to cover the best range of stock and lifted off-highway vehicles and are available in 17, 18, 20, and 20x12 sizes.

SHOP THE armory

Black Rhino Armory Ram


3. Raceline Avenger/Defender

Then we have sitting at just under $850, two different models from Raceline, so technically you get a bonus model for under $1000. These two models from Raceline, the Avenger and Defender, are both very popular simulated bead locks and have strong spoke designs with the bold off-road look and strength you would expect from Raceline.

Raceline Defender

Being that both models are the same awesome price, it opens options as to choose which one you think best fits on your Jeep or off-road rig. The Avenger and Defender both have multiple options to choose from for finishes and plenty of size options to get you exactly what you're looking for.

SHOP THE Avenger/ defender

Raceline Defender Jeep


4. Vision Nemesis

Coming in at just under $700 is the Vision Nemesis. The Nemesis is a simulated bead lock wheel with removable zinc-plated hardware. It also has an aggressive off-road style with its 7 split-spoke design. Vision wheels have been in business for over 40 years and are a huge player in the off-road market and we know they don't skimp out on their quality.

Shop Vision Nemesis

They look beyond the current trends and to the future in developing manufacturing and distributing wheels that set future trends. The Vision Nemesis is available in matte gunmetal, matte black, and matte black machined finishes.

SHOP THE nemesis

Vision Nemesis Ram


5. Pro Comp Series 46 Prodigy

Another favorite wheel company in the off-road industry and really favorable in price, coming in at just shy of $650 for a set of four is the Pro Comp 46 Series Prodigy. Available in satin black and a huge hit for enthusiasts across the off-road industry. With a simulated bead lock and a sleek look plus the reputable toughness of Pro Comp wheels, there's really no going wrong here.

Pro Comp Series 46 Prodigy

Plus, with Pro Comp, you have lots and lots of options with various wheel designs, sizes, and finishes all coming in at exceptional prices as well.


Pro Comp Prodigy Tacoma

This has been our top 5 list of wheels under $1000. We hope this helped you see that you don't have to spend several thousands of dollars to get a good-looking, quality set of wheels! Which wheels are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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