5 Full Off-Road Budget Builds Under $3,000

December 18, 2020


Welcome! Today we're going to show you our Top 5 Aftermarket Wheel, Tire, and Suspension Packages under $3000. Let's get right into it!





Table of Contents

1. Method MR702, BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02, BDS 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $2918

2. Dirty Life DT-2, Ironman All Country MT, 4 Inch Rough Country Suspension Lift - $2244

3. Ultra Warlock, Kanati Trail Hog, Zone 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2025

4. Black Rhino Warlord, Nitto Trail Grappler, ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2910

5. Vision Soft 8, Kanati Mud Hog, Zone 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $1745


1. Method MR702, BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02, BDS 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $2918


First on our list is Method MR702. This is a very clean and simple wheel that is perfectly suited for an offroad build. It will make your ride look a lot more aggressive. Method Race Wheels has been producing high-performance wheels for a race and street applications since 2010


Method MR702


Method offers the most complete line-up of off-road race wheels for trucks, buggies, rock crawlers, short course, rally, and UTV's, as well as street wheels for truck, Jeep, and SUV applications. Using only the most advanced modern techniques, Method Wheels are manufactured through 1 piece cast aluminum processing, Flow Form Technology, and/or full CNC and forging of their Forged wheels.

Pairing it with the BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 will make your rig look and perform like an offroad monster. This all-weather tire is made for exactly that. The All-Terrain T/A KO2 is severe snow rated, a Baja champion, and made for light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs.


BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02


It has tough sidewalls and intense traction. Finally, you will get a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, a 50,000-mile warranty, and a 6-year limited warranty. The TA K02 is an aggressive all-terrain tire that has a really unique tread design and having the option to get a brand like BFGoodrich with a build budget like this is pretty awesome. 


BDS Suspension 3 inch lift


Finally, to pull it all together we would pair this with a BDS 3 Inch Suspension Lift! BDS Suspension offers high-quality suspension kits made right here in the USA. Owned by Fox Shocks, BDS has many options and add-on's to offer suspension systems for applications ranging from just looking good all the way to full Coilover setups for off-roading.


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Toyota Tundra Method MR702


2. Dirty Life DT-2, Ironman All Country MT, 4 Inch Rough Country Suspension Lift - $2244


Next, we have the Dirty Life DT-2. This is an extremely aggressive multi-spoke wheel with a large simulated Beadlock. This wheel is very rugged looking and almost gives an armored appearance.


Dirty Life DT-2


Made by a leading manufacturer, Cali Offroad, Dirty Life is designed, developed, and engineered by the world's top wheel minds. Created for the driver who isn't afraid of mud or dirt. These aggressive wheels are built with cutting edge technology for the toughest wheels in the industry.

We paired this wheel with the Ironman All Country MT to make sure that we can tackle just about any terrain possible. The All Country MT has decent-sized tread blocks but where it really shines is in the siping. There is a ton of siping on this tire which gives it an edge over the competition.


Ironman All Country MT


You should never compromise quality for the price. Ironman has an extensive line of tires including today's most popular styles and sizes giving you a vast selection no matter what your budget is. Manufactured by Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting fantastic quality assurance and tire expertise.


Rough Country 4 Inch Lift


To top it all off for this build we have a Rough Country Lift! Rough Country Suspension Systems has always offered an affordable way to lift your truck, SUV, or Jeep. With lift kits for almost any make/model vehicle, you can find something to lift your truck on a budget! In addition to your standard lift kits, Rough Country also offers upgraded shocks and recently also offering Vertex Coilover systems for select vehicles.




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Jeep JK Dirty Life DT2


Jeep Wrangler JK Dirty Lift DT2


3. Anthem Off-Road Avenger, Kanati Trail Hog, Superlift 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2246


Next is the Anthem Off-Road Avenger, with the Kanati Trail Hog and Superlift 4-inch LiftAnthem is an off-road wheel company for the outdoorsman. Anthem Off-Road is a supporter of the troops and its American Roots. Based out of Midwest America, they hold tight to their small-town roots. Join their family today.




The Anthem Avenger is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 9 spokes. This wheel is incredibly tough and can withstand anything that you plan, or don't plan, to put it through. The Avenger is available in satin black and gloss black with milled spoke edge finishes.

The Kanati Trail Hog has been an extremely hot tire lately. You can see that it has a very intricate tread design with a ton of siping and plenty of tread voids. This will help you maintain grip in wet or snowy conditions.


Kanati Trail Hog


Kanati Tires, known for its beefy and tough off-road styles, is a division of Greenball Corp. Kanati has been in business for over 44 years and makes very durable tires that can withstand any obstacle you put it through. They keep their prices low and quality high.


Zone 4 Inch Suspension Lift


Pulling it all together is the Superlift 4 Inch Suspension Lift that will give your rig the lift and performance you want while staying within your budget.

Take your vehicle anywhere with a SuperLift Off-Road suspension kit for your truck or Jeep! Offering off-road lift kits for your jeeps with upgraded component options to brands like Bilstein and KING will give your Jeep the height and ride quality that you're looking for.




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4. Black Rhino Warlord, Nitto Trail Grappler, ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2910


The Black Rhino Warlord has an extremely bold and aggressive look with a massive simulated bead lock connecting to 8 thick spokes and a color-matched center cap. It's a pretty straightforward design but it makes a huge statement.


Black Rhino Warlord


Specialized in SUVs and trucks, Black Rhino is well recognized for its industrial wheel designs. Inspired by one of the most ferocious creatures in the world, the black rhino. These aggressive wheels are made to tear up the offroad scene and look good while doing it. 

We matched this wheel with the Nitto Trail Grappler. Not to be confused with its hybrid brother the Ridge Grappler, the Nitto Trail Grappler is a very aggressive mud tire. There are huge tread blocks with a ton of shoulder lugs which make the wheel and tire setup look unbelievably menacing.


Nitto Trail Grappler


Founded in 1949 for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Nitto made a name for themselves by creating tires in the sizes and styles that no one else would ever dare to do. They believe that every type of automotive enthusiast deserves the perfect tire for their use and it should be designed perfectly for it. No matter what you use your vehicle for, do it the best with Nitto tires.  

We went with a ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift for this package to make sure that you get that rugged, offroad look while being able to back it up with performance.


ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift


ReadyLift entered the truck suspension market in 2006 with a goal to bring a quality suspension kit to the market to allow for bigger wheels and tires. Offering leveling kits, SST mild lift kits, and ReadyLift large lift kits. ReadyLift has a kit for any application, with sizes going all the way up to a 9" suspension lift for certain makes and models.




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Jeep Wrangler JK Black Rhino Warlord


Jeep Wrangler JK Black Rhino Warlord


5. Vision Soft 8, Kanati Mud Hog, Zone 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $1745


Last but not least, we have our most budget-friendly setup. We chose the Vision Soft 8 because of its simple, classic design and incredibly low price. There's not much to say about the wheel except it's perfect for those who want simple and budget-friendly.

The Vision Soft 8 is anything but soft. This steel wheel is created to take a beating. It features 8 circle cut-outs and is only available in the gloss black finish.

Vision is so confident in the quality of their wheels that they give you a one-year finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty. This is one of the most affordable wheels on the market and with the quality that Vision always supplies you can't go wrong.


Vision Soft 8


Vision creates beautiful, high-quality wheels for all types of vehicles. With tons of different designs and styles, you are bound to find a wheel that is just right for your needs and wants. On top of these great designs and high quality, vision wheels are also incredibly affordable.

This left room for some nicer tires so we chose the Kanati Mud Hog. This has been a very popular mud tire lately and we've heard you guys love them. This tire will be ready for all of your offroad adventures and has a very aggressive and sharp tread pattern.


Kanati Mud Hug


Kanati is recognized for its amazing durability. The Mud Hog is no exception, this tire is tough. With high-quality construction, this tire is ready to take on anything that you throw at it.

It is made for on and off-road applications. Traction off-road and smooth and comfortable on-road.


Zone 3 Inch Suspension Lift


We've matched this setup with a 3-inch Suspension Lift from Zone. This is perfect if you want to save the most money possible while getting quality parts and a great new look!




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Vision Soft 8 Jeep Wrangler JK


Vision Soft 8 Jeep Wrangler JK




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