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Top 5 Offroad Builds Under $3000

April 21, 2020


Today we're going to show you our Top 5 Wheel, Tire, and Suspension Packages under $3000. We're going to use the Jeep Wrangler JK platform to base this list off of to stay consistent with the pricing. Let's get right into it!


1. Method MR702, BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02, BDS 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $2918

Method MR702BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02BDS Suspension 3 inch lift

First on our list is the Method MR702. This is a very clean and simple wheel that is perfectly suited for an offroad build. It will make your ride look a lot more aggressive and pairing it with the BFGoodrich All_Terrain TA K02 will make your rig look and perform like an offroad monster. The TA K02 is an aggressive all-terrain tire that has a really unique tread design and having the option to get a brand like BFGoodrich with a build budget like this is pretty awesome. Finally, to pull it all together we would pair this with a BDS 3 Inch Suspension Lift!

Toyota Tundra Method MR702Toyota Tundra Method MR702

2. Dirty Life DT-2, Ironman All Country MT, 4 Inch Rough Country Suspension Lift - $2244

Dirty Life DT-2Ironman All Country MTRough Country 4 Inch Lift

Next we have the Dirty Life DT-2. This is an extremely aggressive multi spoke wheel with a large simulated beadlock. This wheel is very rugged looking and almost gives an armored appearance. We paired this wheel with the Ironman All Country MT to make sure that we can tackle just about any terrain possible. The All Country MT has decent sized tread blocks but where it really shines is in the siping. There is a ton of siping on this tire which gives it an edge on the competition.

Jeep JK Dirty Life DT2Jeep Wrangler JK Dirty Lift DT2

3. Ultra Warlock, Kanati Trail Hog, Zone 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2025

Ultra WarlockKanati Trail HogZone 4 Inch Suspension Lift

Next is the Ultra Warlock with the Kanati Trail Hod and a Zone 4 inch Suspension Lift. The Ultra Warlock is a split 6 spoke wheel with simulated beadlock and a large center cap. This is a very industrial, mean looking wheel that looks so good on the JK platform. The Kanati Trail Hog has been an extremely hot tire lately. You can see that it has a very intricate tread design with a ton of siping and plenty of tread voids. This will help you maintain grip in wet or snowy conditions. Pulling it all together is the Zone 4 Inch Suspension lift that will give your rig the lift and performance you want while staying within your budget.

F150 Ultra WarlockF150 Ultra Warlock

4. Black Rhino Warlord, Nitto Trail Grappler, ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift - $2910

Black Rhino WarlordNitto Trail GrapplerReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension Lift

The Rhino Warlord has an extremely bold and aggressive look with a massive simulated bead lock connecting to 8 thick spokes and a color-matched center cap. It's a pretty straight forward design but it makes a huge statement. We matched this wheel with the Nitto Trail Grappler. Not to be confused with it's hybrid brother the Ridge Grappler, the Nitto Trail Grappler is a very aggressive mud tire. There are huge tread blocks with a ton of shoulder lugs which make the wheel and tire setup look unbelievably menacing. We went with a ReadyLift 4 Inch Suspension lift for this package to make sure that you get that rugged, offroad look while being able to back it up with performance.

Jeep Wrangler JK Black Rhino WarlordJeep Wrangler JK Black Rhino Warlord

5. Vision Soft 8, Kanati Mud Hog, Zone 3 Inch Suspension Lift - $1745

Vision Soft 8Kanati Mud HugZone 3 Inch Suspension Lift

Last but not least, we have our most budget-friendly setup. We chose the Vision Soft 8 because of its simple, classic design and incredibly low price. There's not much to say about the wheel except it's perfect for those who want simple and budget friendly. This left room for some nicer tires so we chose the Kanati Mud Hog. This has been a very popular mud tire lately and we've heard you guys love them. This tire will be ready for all of your offroad adventures and has a very aggressive and sharp tread pattern. We've matched this setup with a 3 inch suspension lift from Zone. This is perfect if you want to save the most money possible while getting quality parts and a great new look!

Vision Soft 8 Jeep Wrangler JKVision Soft 8 Jeep Wrangler JK