Top 5 Budget Tires

April 29, 2020

1. Federal Couragia MT


Federal Couragia MTFederal Couragia MT F150


If you want an aggressive mud tire without breaking the bank, the Federal Couragia MT has been all the hype lately. The Couragia features large tread blocks, huge tread voids, and a decent amount of siping to help you dig into snow. Be aware, this is a mud tire so road noise will be a lot more noticeable than other tire types.

We think the Federal Couragia is a fantastic bang-for-your-buck mud tire! With pricing generally staying around $1000, we definitely think that the Couragia is worth the purchase! If you want a great all-around mud tire but don't want to break the bank, this tire is the way to go!


2. Atturo Trail Blade AT


Atturo Trail Blade ATAtturo Trail Blade AT Tacoma

Atturo designs affordable tires for truck enthusiasts. As you can see, this tire is a lot less aggressive than some of the others on this list. That's because this tire is an all-terrain so it's designed for daily driving on the pavement with the capability to go through some mild offroad terrain. These tires will perform very well in the rain thanks to all of its evacuation channels. There is a good amount of siping too which will help this tire perform through the snow.

The Atturo Trail Blade AT starts around $452.


3. Atturo Trail Blade XT


Atturo Trail Blade XTAtturo Trail Blade XT F150


The Atturo Trail Blade XT is a hybrid tire that has a subtle design. It appears more narrow due to the sidewall design having angled shoulder blocks. The tread pattern has smaller center blocks which help with wear and the lifespan of the tire, while the outside blocks are more aggressive and can help you get through the mud or snow. If you're wanting a good all-around tire that doesn't have a ton of aggressive styling, the Atturo Trail Blade XT can be yours for as low as $584!


4. Kanati Mud Hog


Kanati Mud HogKanati Mud Hog Tacoma


The Kanati Mud Hog is, as its name states, a mud tire. We love this tire because of its sleek design and great performance. The sidewall has a great design that looks very aggressive. The tread is very angular and there are large tread voids so water and mud won't get held in the tire. The Kanati Mud Hog has been all the hype lately thanks to its sharp looks, great performance, and low cost for a mud tire. Picking up a set of Kanati Mud Hogs will run about $800.


5. Nankang Mud Star


Nankang Mud Star


Last but certainly not least is the Nankang Mud Star. Nankang has been on the rise lately as word gets out about the great performance their tires offer while being some of the lowest priced on the market today. The Mud Star is one of their mud tires that has an extremely deep tread design with blocky tread lugs. There is plenty of zig-zag siping throughout the tire along with spots for running studs. The sidewall was kept very smooth and simple which makes it look less aggressive than most other mud tires. If this is what you're looking for in a mud tire, then you can grab the Nankang Mud Star for around $900 for a set of four.



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