How to Plan Your Off-Road Build for Summer

May 8, 2020

Summer is just about here which means if you're looking to build your rig by summer, you're running out of time. But that's okay! Today we'll cover how you can plan your build in just 3 easy steps! Let's jump right into it.


1. Check Out the Gallery


We have one of the best fitment tools at our disposal and so do you! The gallery. If you haven't been to the gallery before, definitely check it out. People from all over the world go there and submit photos of their builds. The gallery gives you the exact fitment specs that they are running to take the guesswork out of what size you need. Just head over, input your vehicle, and watch as the gallery pulls from the hundreds of photos that have been submitted to us. You can even filter the results by suspension type, wheel brand, offset, and a lot more. This is truly one of the best tools in the industry since it allows you to see what wheels and suspension setups will look like on your rig before you place your order. Go check it out!


Rock Crawling JeepRock Crawling Jeep


2. Find the Setup You Want


Now that you've found the gallery, it's time to do some research. First, we'd recommend deciding what kind of suspension you want to run. Want a little lift on a budget? A leveling kit might fit your needs. Want even more height? Check out a suspension lift. Want the most performance for off-road activities? Look for a suspension lift with a coilover upgrade. There are a lot of options out there so make sure you find the one you need.

Now that you've found your suspension, input it into the gallery and take a look at the sizes of wheels and tires people are running. This will help to make sure that the wheels you pick out won't constantly be rubbing and you can also see what style of wheels you like and what kind of tires you want to run. It's easy to spend a couple of hours just browsing through the gallery and we'd recommend doing so. This will be incredibly helpful when it comes time to finally make your purchase.


Lifted JeepLifted Jeep


3. Add to the Gallery


After you complete your build, make sure that you go and add it to our gallery! Not only will you be helping out thousands of enthusiasts like yourself, but adding your rig to the gallery gets you a chance to be featured in our YouTube videos and blogs like this. No matter what your style, you're welcome in the gallery since we love seeing the different styles that people enjoy! What are you waiting for?! Add your ride to our gallery!


Lifted RaptorLifted Raptor



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