How to Clean Your Rig

May 18, 2020

1. Interior


Now, you don't have to start with the interior but that's what we prefer to do. First, start with cleaning out your cupholders and door pockets. Whether it be receipts, spare change, or wrappers, chances are you have something in there that doesn't need to be there. Next, grab a vacuum and clear out those same cupholders and pockets. Move from those to your seats. Make sure you move the seat around a little bit to get as many crumbs as possible. Finally, finish your vacuuming by going over the carpet. This one can be a bit time-consuming but it'll make a world of difference. Want to get really crazy? Take out your seats and clean underneath them, you'd be surprised what you might find under there. Next, grab some interior detailer and go over all of the plastic materials throughout your interior. Pay extra attention to your center console, dash, and door panels as these are the most noticeable pieces of your interior. Finally, finish off your cleaning by getting some glass cleaner and wipe down all of your windows, touchscreen if you have one, and gauge cluster. Feel free to add an air freshener at the end to keep your ride smelling new.


Lifted Silverado HDLifted Silverado HD


2. Exterior


Now onto the really fun part. Park your rig in a shaded area, grab a pressure washer (or hose), bucket, and your favorite wash. Need supplies? Grab our detailing kit here! Start by spraying the whole thing down. Use a little extra pressure on areas that have a build-up of dirt or bugs to make sure that your paint is clear of anything that could potentially scratch it. Now fill your bucket with water and car wash. Grab a wash mitt or sponge and start to go over your rig. Be generous with the amount of soap you use and make sure that you keep the paint somewhat wet as you're going around it. Make sure to get into the tough to reach places like in between the spokes of your wheels. Next, grab your pressure washer again and rinse your rig until all of the soap is gone. In this next part, you may want to be kind of quick about avoiding water spots. Go over your rig with a drying towel and make sure that you focus on getting the areas that are in the open first like the roof, hood, and fenders. Then start to focus on getting the tougher areas like under the mirrors and in the door jambs. Open up all of your doors and your hood to dry every last drop, it's worth it. Finally, if you want the most shine possible, get some carnauba wax and work it around the exterior. This will leave a smooth, mirror-like finish. Have aftermarket wheels that need some extra care? We have a kit for that here!


Lifted SilveradoLifted Silverado



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