Mods That Will Get You Pulled Over

May 21, 2020

1. Extremely Wide Tires


We've all seen the off-road rigs and Jeeps that have tires that stick out way past the fender. This is actually very illegal. So why do it? Well having extremely wide tires not only look cool but will provide a ton of stability when off-roading. The wideness of these tires means that the Jeep would need to almost be completely sideways before it would actually tip over.


Lifted RamLifted Ram


2. Light Bars


We're kind of on the Police's side with this one. Driving down the road with all of your light bars turned on is one of the biggest annoyances for the other drivers. Yes, they look cool, and yes they help you see in the dark when you're out on the trails, but there is no reason you need them turned on while driving on the road. This one is sure to get you pulled over quickly. Do us all a favor and turn off your light bars when you're on the road.


Jeep WranglerJeep Wrangler


3. Huge Lifts


We all love big lifts but they sure can draw a lot of attention. We're not talking about any of the lift kits that you can buy from us, we're talking about the massive kits that you see going through mud pits at shows. These kits are far from street legal and are kind of hard to miss so don't expect to be going down the road with one unnoticed.


Lifted SquarebodyLifted Squarebody



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