BFGoodrich KM3 Review

May 27, 2020

BFG KM3 Jeep


You've probably heard of this tire before but recently, BFGoodrich has made some changes to the KM3, and today, we're going to go over them as well as talk about some of the features of this very well known mud tire!

The BFG KM3 is a mud-terrain tire so you can see it has a very aggressive tread pattern. This is a very rugged looking tire, as it should be. The tread blocks are very large which helps maintain as much contact with the terrain as possible. BFGoodrich has added some siping in the center of the tread which is really nice to see. This will help with mud and water evacuation to maintain grip when conditions get a little wet. These will also help dig into some terrain and help you tackle some tougher surfaces.


BFG KM3 4RunnerBFG KM3 4Runner


This tire has huge shoulder lugs that actually seem to taper down to the sidewall. This is really cool design because if you're off-roading and choose to air out your tires, these sidewall lugs actually help give you even more contact with the terrain beneath you. On a lot of other tires in this category, you'll be able to air them out but you won't have too much more tire hitting the ground. With the KM3, BFGoodrich wanted to make sure that you would get the most possible grip when your air out. 


BFG KM3 ScoutBFG KM3 Scout


Going into a mud-terrain tire, you'd expect them to be pretty loud and to vibrate a lot when they're going down the road. Much to our surprise, the tires actually performed more like a hybrid tire than a full-bore mud tire. They weren't too loud on the road and for a radial tire, they balanced out really well which minimizes the vibration. We had these tires on for about 1000 miles and they were very livable and didn't really show any signs of wearing down. You can see our 1000 mile update video below!



The most popular size for the KM3 seems to be a 33x12.5 and a set will typically run you just under $1600. For that price, you get an amazing tire by a fantastic brand that didn't cut any corners.



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