Atturo Trail Blade MT Review

June 11, 2020

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For those who don't know, the Atturo Tire lineup comprises off-road truck tires. Atturo has been on the rise in popularity lately thanks to their quality tires at an affordable price. 


The Trail Blade MT is the second most aggressive tire in Atturo's lineup and is one of their most popular tires. This is, of course, a Mud Tire which means it's primarily designed for intense off-roading. You'll notice that there are very large tread blocks running the outer edges of the tire with large spacing in between. This will help with water and mud evacuation. They allow debris to fly out of the tire to make sure you have the most rubber hitting the ground possible. This way you can keep pushing through all of the rough stuff.


Atturo Trail Blade MTAtturo Trail Blade MT F150


 Looking down the center section of the Trail Blade MT, you still have pretty large tread blocks there too. This will help give you more traction than some of the other mud tires out there but keep in mind that since there are large blocks and large amounts of spacing between them, you will experience a bit of road noise. Then again, this is a mud tire so you're probably going to be on dirt more than on pavement anyways.


The sidewall on this tire is pretty aggressive as well. A lot of people look for an aggressive sidewall for their mud tires since it usually completes the extremely aggressive look that people with mean off-road rigs are looking for. Plus, the aggressive sidewall matches perfectly to the aggressive tread pattern so the whole tire comes together looking very mean.


Atturo Trail Blade MT TacomaAtturo Trail Blade MT Tacoma


The Atturo Trail Blade MT is one of the most solid and most affordable mud tires on the market today they cost a little over $1,000 for a 33x12.5. The tire is Load Range E with a 121 load index, the standard for mud tires. There's no mileage warranty, but a manufacturer warranty will cover factory flaws. The Atturo Trail Blade MT is one of the best mud tires on the market and definitely one of the cheapest. Is it worth the money? We definitely think so. The Trail Blade MT is one of the best bang-for-your-buck mud tires on the market.



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