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Is Rough Country Good?

June 11, 2020

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About Rough Country

Rough Country 6 inch Lift Kit

Rough Country started back in 1975 as a manufacturer for shocks. Many people don't realize just how far back Rough Country's history goes. Unbeknown to most, Rough Country’s roots are planted right here in America in a town of about  17,000 people called Dyersburg Tennessee. In 1986 they were purchased by Heckethorn Products, a metal design and automotive parts manufacturer. This was when Rough Country started designing and building lift kits to go with their shocks.

Rough Country has always had the goal of building lift kits that focus on customer satisfaction and value, and they continue to produce quality, value-minded kits with one of the industry’s best customer satisfaction policies and warranty. As one of the founding companies in the off-road industry,

Today, Rough Country is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers and distributors of suspension systems and other off-road related accessories. Where they were solely focused on building shocks over 40 years ago, Rough Country has now expanded their line to include such products as winches, lights, bumpers, recovery gear, tools, drivetrain components, and many other various off-road related products, even, including a line for ATV and UTV accessories. 

Rough Country WranglerRough Country Wrangler


So, is Rough Country Worth Your Money?

Absolutely, Rough Country brings a ton of great products to the market at an affordable price. Like other manufacturers that have a lower-priced product than the competition, Rough Country does receive a little bit of hate from the community which is why we decided to make this blog to help you better understand that just because they're cheaper than most other suspension brands, doesn't mean that they aren't capable and reliable. For the price, we think Rough Country is a great option if you're looking to lift your rig without breaking the bank.

Rough Country has come a long way in the past few years with better ride quality and new products all while keeping your wallet a little bit thicker. Are there better quality options out there? Of course, but not at this price point. Rough Country has found a way to get a decent quality suspension kit to you while being only about a third of the price of the competition.

Plus, with the release of their coilover setup, Rough Country is fighting its way into the market with some of the more upscale competition. We are excited to see how the company will continue to grow from here and encourage you to check out Rough Country's suspension products.

Rough Country RamRough Country Ram