Toyo Open Country AT3 Tire Review

February 22, 2021


Chances are, you've heard of the Toyo Open Country AT II but now here comes the AT III! Let's take a look!





Table Of Contents

  1. Design

  2. Performance and Tread Compound

  3. Sizing

  4. Price

  5. Pros

  6. Cons


Toyo Tires

*Photo courtesy of Toyo Tires


1. Design


The Toyo Open Country AT III is an all-terrain tire meaning it's suitable for daily driving as well as some mild off-roading here and there. However, looking at the AT III, this is very aggressive for an all-terrain so if you're going for a sharp look, on top of all of that, this is a great option.


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Right off the bat, we see that Toyo did away with the large tread voids in the center of the tire that we found on the AT-II. Instead, they made the tread blocks into a sort of S-pattern.


Toyo Open Country AT III


This is great because there is still a good amount of tread hitting the ground. There are also fewer gaps between the blocks which will result in less road noise. There are a ton of tread voids that are ready to evacuate water and rocks to help you maintain grip.


Toyo Open Country AT3


We also see a huge amount of siping on these which will be great for snow driving! The sidewall design of this tire carries over the aggressive styling of the tread. It even features two different sidewall designs so you can choose the one that suits your style.


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Toyo Open Country AT3 Silverado




Performance and Tread Compound


This is an all-terrain tire as we stated; this means that it will have a harder compound than a mud tire. It will still have chip resistance and be softer than a tire made only for the road.


Toyo Open Country AT3


As far as performance goes the AT3 does it all it seems. The Toyo AT3 has off-road traction, on-road wet, dry, and snow traction as well. It is not made to fare well in deep mud or snow but it can get you through some rough situations. It is 3-peak mountain snowflake rated so it is great for all snow conditions.


Toyo AT3 Tires


It has a long tread life and is very durable as well. If you are someone who drives off-road more than on-road then look at a mud-tire. However; if you drive more on-road than off-road but want a tire that is perfectly capable of it all then this is the tire for you. 




Toyo Open Country AT3 Tacoma




2. Sizing


The Toyo Open Country AT III has a ton of tire sizes to fit a wide variety of applications. Sizing starts at a 215/70R16 and goes all the way to a 325/50R22 so you can see there is a wide spectrum here. Not sure what will fit? Check out our gallery to see what others are running or build your own aftermarket wheel and tire package to find the right size tires to fit your truck build.




Toyo Open Country AT3 Tacoma




3. Price


Pricing for the Toyo Open Country AT III starts at just over $600 and ranges to just under $2000 all depending on the size of course. Overall, we think that the Toyo Open Country AT III is an amazing option for someone that wants an aggressive-looking tire but needs the daily drivability of an all-terrain.


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Toyo Open Country AT3 F150



  • Great wet, snow, and dry on-road traction
  • Comfortable ride
  • Long tread life
  • Cornering stability
  • Off-road grip


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Toyo Open Country AT3



  • New tire, so it hasn't been tested a ton
  • More expensive than the AT2
  • Deep mud and snow can get packed
  • Louder on-road than some of the competition




Toyo Open Country AT3 F150


This has been our review of the Toyo Open Country AT3 Tire. So far we are loving this tire; we hope that you will too and that this review was helpful for you in your decision-making process. Happy shopping!


Toyo Open Country AT3




Like always, when you get a wheel and tire package here at TrailBuilt, you will save money on that package and you will receive free shipping and free mounting and balancing. 

What do you think of the Toyo AT3? Let us know in the comments down below! 


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