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Top 5 Budget Lift Kits

June 18, 2020

We've had a lot of you asking about our cheapest lift kits so here they are! We wanted to hit a spectrum of sizes that way we're not just showing you small kits but also the cheapest big lift kits. Let's get right into it.


1. Rough Country 3.5 Inch Lift Kit

Rough Country 3.5 inch lift kitRough Country Lifted Wrangler

First on our list is the Rough Country 3.5 Inch Lift Kit.  We love this kit because it only costs $170 and includes new shocks, blocks for the rear, and front spacers. If you're looking to get a 3 and a half-inch lift for the lowest cost, this is a great option. Rough Country also offers the same kit but with forged upper control arms for $450 which is probably the way to go since 3 and a half inches is sort of maxing out your suspension components. Plus, Rough Country has been extremely popular lately and their build quality gets better and better as time goes on.


2. SUPERLIFT 4 Inch Lift Kit

SUPERLIFT 4 Inch LiftSuperlift 4 Inch Lift Kit Ram

Next is the SUPERLIFT 4 Inch kit designed for heavy duties. This is pretty cool because you get to see a lift kit on this list designed for the heavy-duty trucks. This lift is priced at $450 and features coil spacers, shock relocation, bump stop spacers. These are all combined into one bracket, which makes it really easy to install. All in all, you should be able to install this lift in around 4 hours making this a really easy and affordable option for the three quarter ton owners.


3. Full Throttle Suspension FTS 6 Inch Lift Kit

FTS 6 Inch Lift KitFTS 6 inch lift kit Ram

Moving on from there, again, talking about the 07 to 13 Chevy and GMC 1500 pickup trucks, it's just a good option, good baseline you can actually get an FTS 6 inch kit for $1000. Now, usually, the Rough Country kit is also $1000, and that actually includes things like skid plates and new shocks, and all that, the FTS kit doesn't include that but if you're one of those guys who just refuse to run Rough Country, you wanna run something else, FTS is a pretty well-known name, usually, they're the guys making the 12-inch and 15-inch lift kits for show oriented vehicles. But if you don't wanna go quite that big, because the budget doesn't allow it, for $1000 you get a six-inch lift kit from FTS.


4. Pro Comp 8 Inch Lift Kit

Pro Comp 8 Inch Lift KitPro Comp F350

If you want to hop into an 8-inch kit, Pro Comp offers one for the 05-07 F250 and F350 for around $1200. That's a lot of lift for the money. This is the cheapest full and complete 100 percent bolt on, direct installation, eight-inch lift kit for the 05 to 07 F250 and F350. This is a full suspension kit so it comes with everything you need like shocks and springs. Being that this is such a large lift, it's recommended that you have a shop install it but Pro Comp says that if you do want to try and install it yourself, expect it to take 8-10 hours.


5. BDS 10 Inch Lift Kit

BDS 10 Inch Lift KitBDS Suspension Lift 10 inch F250

Finally, the cheapest 10-inch lift kit is actually built for the Ford Excursion. This particular kit is from BDS and will run you about $2000. You get BDS quality and 10 inches of lift for your Ford Excursion. It has all the drop brackets, hardware, shocks, drop pitman arm, as well as the leaf springs that you kinda expect to get from a kit like this. It's crazy to think that you can get a 10-inch lift for $2000 and have it be a BDS to top it off. 


Those were our top 5 cheap lift kits. Check out the website and see what else we have available. Just punch in your year, make, and model to see what fits and see just how much lift you can get for your money!