Best Wheels Under $1200

September 8, 2020

Here are our top 5 picks for the best wheel options under $1,200 for a set. 


1. Moto Metal MO962 20x12 -44


Moto Metal MO962


First on our list is the Moto Metal MO962. The MO962 is a clean and simple eight spoke design with hidden lugs and rivets around the outer edge of the wheel. We love the simplicity of this design and how it can transform the look of a rig instantly. Moto Metal is an extremely popular brand creating some of the best bang for your buck wheels on the market. The MO962 is available in black, textured black, gray, and chrome finishes. You can find a set of black or gray 20x12 -44 Moto Metal MO962 wheels for under $1000!


2016 Tundra Moto Metal MO962Tundra Moto Metal MO970


2. Vision Rocker 22x12 -51


Vision Rocker


The Vision Rocker is designed as a mesh style wheel. Unlike the previous wheel, this design is very busy and has exposed lugs. This is designed as more of a show style wheel and we absolutely love it. The Rocker is available in Gray and Black, Black, and Chrome. All three finishes hover around the $1200 price point for a 22x12 wheel which is perfect for that stimulus check! If you're looking for more of a flashy, show style look, we definitely think you should check out the Vision Rocker.


Vision Rocker F150Vision Rocker F150


3. Centerline LT7 22x12 -44


Centerline LT7


Next is the Centerline LT7. This wheel brings a classic look with a directional twist.  Literally. This a very beefy, aggressive-looking wheel with directional spokes and milled accents. There are no rivets along the rim but instead, you see Centerline engraved twice. The step lip on this wheel also gives a much thicker appearance. The only finish currently available for the Centerline LT7 is Black Milled and we aren't complaining. You can grab a 22x12 set of these bad boys for about $1200.


4. Ultra Hunter 22x12 -44


Ultra Hunter


The Ultra Hunter is a multi-spoke wheel with a convex shape meaning that the center of the wheel is further forward than the ends of the spokes. This wheel is available in chrome or black milled. If you're a fan of milling, the Ultra Hunter has quite a bit of it and it looks so good! The milling on this wheel is in triangular patterns all around the spokes and it's thick which is a nice change of pace from the subtle milling that most wheels have. A set of 22x12 Ultra Hunters will run you about $1000.


Ultra Hunter SilveradoUltra Hunter Silverado


5. Anthem Off-Road Avenger 20x12 -44


Anthem Avenger


Last but certainly not least, we bring you the Anthem Off-Road Avenger. This is one of the most popular wheels from Anthem Off-Road. It's another mesh style wheel with a large center hub which makes the spoke design look a lot more intricate. This is truly a unique wheel design that has been absolutely loved by the community. You can get the Avenger in Black or Black milled. The milling on this wheel is very subtle and gives the spokes a lot more depth. A set of 20x12 Anthem Off-Road Avengers can be had for about $1000.


Anthem Avenger TundraAnthem Avenger Tundra


There you have it. These are all wheels that can be bought with the $1200 you just received! That's basically a free set of wheels!

But wait, what good are wheels without tires? If you found your perfect set of wheels, be sure to save even more money by pairing them with a new set of tires. If you decide to bundle wheels and tires, we will mount, balance, and ship them to your door completely for free. Not sure where to start? Check out our other blog on the Top 5 Off-Road Tires of 2020!





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