Best Off-Road Setup for Jeep Gladiator

August 25, 2020

In this blog, we will be breaking down the best off-road setups for a Jeep Gladiator. These tire and wheel packages will stand the test of time no matter how hard you are on your rig. 


1. Moto Metal MO970 + Toyo Tires Open Country M/T



The Moto Metal MO970 is a great choice for your new Jeep Gladiator. The MO970 is a one-piece, 8-spoke, alloy wheel. It is available in black (seen above), black milled, black-red, gloss black, gray-black, and satin black. It gives your rig an aggressive off-road look. They start at $656 a set and when packaged with a tire you can save up to $275. Check them out in our gallery.




2020 Jeep Gladiator


The MO970 is paired perfectly with the Toyo Tires Open Country M/T. The Open Country M/T is known for its durability, off-road performance, and long tread pattern. It has very large tread voids for maximum traction and handling no matter what conditions you are driving in. It is considered a mud-terrain tire so it will be ideal for your off-road journeys. When packaged with wheels, you will get free shipping and free mount and balance. Check them out in our gallery. 


toyo tires open country m/t




2. Fuel Beast + Milestar Patagonia MT


Fuel Beast Wheel


The Fuel Beast is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 6 spokes, exposed lug nuts, and some pretty big windows. The black flake seen above is a really unique finish, it also comes in a black milled finish. The Beast has been seen on a lot of different models of Jeeps and other off-roading rigs. Starting at $1,012 a set and with a savings of up to $72 when paired with tires. Check them out in our gallery




Jeep Gladiator 2020


Paired with the Milestar Patagonia MT this is a match made in heaven. Another mud terrain tire made for safety and performance. Milestar is so sure that you will love these tires they give you a full manufacturer warranty. The Patagonia MT has a 3-ply sidewall for added strength and impact protection.  It has an F-load range and a Q-speed index.  Check them out in our gallery


Milestar Patagonia MT




3. Black Rhino Armory + Nitto Ridge Grappler


Black Rhino Armory Wheel


The Black Rhino Armory is a very industrial looking wheel. This wheel is no joke, it will make any rig look intimidating. It is a one-piece, alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts. The Armory is available in bronze or black finishes. They only cost $880 a set. Black Rhino is known for its strength and durability of its wheels. It is bound to make your gladiator feel like a tank. Check them out in our gallery




Jeep Gladiator 2020


Finally, we have the Nitto Ridge Grappler to go with this one. The Ridge Grappler is a tried and true tire, that is known for its tread longevity. It has aggressive sidewalls and deep tread voids. They start as low as $904 for a set. This tire provides the best of a mud-terrain and all-terrain tire, creating a dynamic hybrid tread pattern. It makes for a quiet and smooth ride while providing a very off-road capable performance. Check them out in our gallery


Nitto Ridge Grappler





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