Top 10 Off-Road Wheels

December 1, 2021

Finding the perfect wheels for your rig can be incredibly difficult considering the incredible amount of options available. When going off-road, there's a lot of abuse your rig can go through, so it's important to have confidence in your wheels. There are a handful of popular brands known for designing and manufacturing wheels made for life on the trails, check out the top 10 best off-roading wheels. 




Table of Contents

1. Anthem Off-Road Equalizer

2. Raceline Injector

3. Method MR305

4. Vision Soft 8

5. Moto Metal MO962

6. Anthem Off-Road Intimidator

7. Icon Alloys Rebound

8. Fuel Assault

9. Fuel Rebel D679

10. Motiv Off-Road Magnus 423B


1. Anthem Off-Road Equalizer


trailbuilt anthem Off-Road


The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is the first wheel on the list. Anthem is known for designing great-looking, tough, and affordable wheels for outdoorsmen. Whether you need them to fit truck, SUV, or Jeep applications, the Equalizer can do just that. It is a cool-looking wheel that will get you from point A to point B, no matter where you're headed and what you're getting yourself into.


Anthem Off-Road Equalizer


The Equalizer is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 7 spokes, and features hidden lugs. It comes in multiple bolt patterns and multiple different offsets. As far as sizing goes, you can get them in an 18x9, 20x9, 20x10, and 20x12, giving you the space to put on effective off-roading tires.

You can get them in a gloss black, black-gray, black milled, or matte black finish. Anthem is so sure of their reliability in strength and durability, they offer a No Questions Asked Replacement Plan for all of their wheels for you too! Check them out in our gallery.




ram 1500 anthem off-road equalizer wheels


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2. Raceline Injector


Raceline injector wheels


The Raceline Injector is the second wheel on the list. The Injector is a one-piece alloy wheel, with 7 spokes and exposed lug nuts. In recent years, Raceline has really proven itself to be a competitor in the off-road industry. They carry some hardcore, off-road designs that are perfect for tackling rough terrain and being the perfect fit for your rig. 


Raceline Injector


The Injector is available in 16-20 inch diameters and 8.5-12 inch widths, as well as many different offset and popular bolt pattern options. The finishes that the Injector comes in are black machined or black to make your rig look mean, sharp, and aggressive. Also, you can add a Raceline center cap to make your perfect wheel come togethor. 




Off-Road Truck Raceline injector wheels




3. Method MR305


method MR305 wheels


Method is a company based out of California who are popular for having light and durable wheels, and they like to make that known in their motto, which is: Lighter. Faster. Stronger.  The nice thing about Method wheels is that they are perfectly made for all different types of rigs.

The MR305 is a classic, yet bold design, available in the exclusive red finish right now. It has a matte black simulated Beadlock ring and engraving around the center hub.


Method MR305


It is a multi-spoke, one-piece alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts and is available in many different bolt patterns. You can get the MR305 in 17x8.5, 18x9, and 20x10 inch sizes and a few different offsets. Check them out in our gallery.




Off-Road Truck method MR305 wheels




4. Vision Soft 8



The Vision Soft 8 is anything but soft. It's a steel wheel that is ready to take on anything you throw at it. So yes, it can definitely take a beating on the trails.

They're perfect for your next Jeep build, as that is one of the most popular platforms you'll see these wheels on. This wheel comes in as low as $296 for a set. When you get a tire package with these wheels you can save up to $275 with free mounting, balancing, and shipping.


Vision Soft 8


Vision is a very popular off-road brand; they are known for aggressive designs, great price points, and amazing durability of their wheels. The Soft 8 is a one-piece wheel with exposed lug nuts.

It is available in a variety of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns. It is only available in this iconic black finish. Check them out in our gallery.




Off-Road Jeep Wrangler vision soft 8 wheels




5. Moto Metal MO962


moto metal wheel


Coming in at number five is the Moto Metal MO962. This one-piece alloy wheel features an 8 spoke design and covered lug nuts. Some of the important wheel features include thick spokes and Beadlock detail which give this wheel a really threatening look on-road and off-road. Moto Metal is one of our best-selling wheel brands, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. They have a large assortment of wheels to help you find the perfect wheel for your rig.


Moto Metal MO962


No matter what build you are planning, Moto Metal will have you covered. The MO962 is available in black, gray, chrome, and textured black powder coat finishes. It is also available in many different sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets, so you can make the perfect wheel customized for your vehicle. Check them out in our gallery.




Off-Road Jeep Wrangler moto metal mo962




6. Anthem Off-Road Intimidator

anthem off-road intimidator

As an off-road wheel company for the outdoorsman, Anthem Off-Road is also a huge supporter of our American troops.  Because Anthem Off-Road is based out of Midwest America, they hold tight to the small town, offroad, outdoor roots that the Midwest holds, and incorporates that into every wheel they make, like the Anthem Off-Road Intimidator.


Anthem Off-Road Intimidator


This classic off-road design is made for all outdoor activities that you plan to take your rig or SUV on. The Intimidator features a multi-spoke design, a full cap in the center, and the Anthem logo spanned across one of the spokes. This is a one-piece, alloy wheel that comes in black milled and satin black finishes. 




Anthem Off-Road Intimidator wheels Toyota Tacoma




7. Icon Alloys Rebound


trailbuilt icon alloys


When it comes to the suspension world, Icon Vehicle Dynamics is one of the most trusted brands in the game. They are known for superb quality and immense attention to detail. The same can be said about their wheels, Icon Alloys.

Featuring aggressive styling, stunning finishes, and sizing/bolt patterns to fit almost any vehicle. It’s no question why Icon Alloy wheels are the right choice for your build.


Icon Alloys Rebound


The Icon Alloys Rebound is a super clean wheel with a classic design. It features a simulated beadlock around the lip of the wheel. This wheel has an 8-spoke design, and a one-piece, alloy structure.

The Rebound is offered in black, bronze (most popular), and titanium finishes. You can find it in various sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns. 


GET THE rebound HERE


Icon Alloys Rebound wheels Toyota




8. Fuel Assault


trailbuilt fuel assault wheel


Founded in 2009 by MHT Alloys, Fuel Wheels is one of the most trusted names in the rig off-road wheels market. For years, Fuel has been capturing the off-road enthusiast with designs and advancements in technology in their wheels. If you’re looking for off-road inspired wheels, look no further than Fuel Off-Road wheels. 


fuel assault wheel




The fuel Assualt wheel is an impressive wheel to throw on any rig and perfect for the outdoors, especially if you're struggling to find the perfect wheel.  This wheel comes in black with milled spoke and lip accents, matte black with red milled spoke edges. gloss black with a chrome center, and gloss black with milled spoke edges, perfect for any rig.








9. Fuel Rebel D679


2020 ford f-250 Fuel Rebel

Coming in at number nine,  The Fuel Rebel D679 is a perfect wheel for the outdoors, and looks great on any rig. Not only is this an attractive wheel, but the durability and strength that comes with it is unbeatable.



Fuel Rebel


The Fuel Rebel is the perfect hardcore offroad wheel for your build. The Rebel packs a huge punch and it will immediately make your build stand out. Featuring a 6-split-spoke design, simulated beadlock, and a stylized center cap, your rig will be able to attack the trails and look good doing it.

They're made from an alloy, one-piece structure. Get the Rebel in black, bronze (most popular), and gunmetal, with tons of size, offset and bolt pattern options. 




Fuel Rebel wheels ford




10. Motiv Off-Road Magnus 423B



Starting as a luxury brand and then transitioning its focus to the off-road community, Motiv is taking their expertise and putting it to great use. Their off-road designs are clean and minimalist but can withstand the worst terrain. 


 Motiv Off-Road Magnus



The Motiv Off-Road Magnus has quickly become one of the most highly demanded wheels in the Motiv Off-Road lineup. The Magnus has become a well-known wheel in the off-roading community. It has an 8-spoke mesh design with exposed lug nuts, and it is only available in the highly sought after black finish.


get the Magnus here


Motiv Off-Road Magnus wheels jeep




As always, when you buy a wheel and tire package you will save money with a package-rate discount and get free mount and balance, and free shipping. 

Which off-road wheels are you taking? Let us know in the comments below!


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