The Cheapest Off-Road Wheel? Vision Soft 8 Review!

September 1, 2020

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Let's face it, your rig was most likely built for one thing: to tear up the trails. This means your build needs to be durable and needs a setup that can withstand the punishment of some of the most intense terrain. Usually, that can come with a hefty price tag. However, Vision has developed a wheel that can withstand all of the punishment you can throw at it while keeping costs unbelievably low. Today, we'll look at one of the cheapest off-road wheels on the market today. The Vision Soft 8.


Vision Soft 8


Vision has created the Soft 8 with simplicity in mind. This wheel actually looks like a factory steel wheel in a way but sports Vision Wheel on the center cap. You can also see a decent bit of concavity which adds a little bit of aggression. Overall, there isn't a ton to say about the look of this wheel. It's actually pretty unique because this is possibly one of the simplest designs that we carry but once you see it on a rig, it looks really good. It's not just a glorified steel wheel, it actually has a very rugged look when mounted on some aggressive tires. The Soft 8 is a one-piece, a bullet-style wheel with exposed lugs and is only available in the black finish seen here. It is available in 15-17 inch diameter sizing options, many bolt patterns, and many offsets as well. 


Vision Soft 8 Jeep Wrangler


So let's talk about the question on everyone's mind: what does the Vision Soft 8 cost? A set of these wheels starts at $296. Yes, $296 for a whole set. I'll say it one more time you can put a whole set of wheels on your rig for less than $300 and if you want to add tires to that you can save with a tire package as well and really be frugal. We will also ship that package to you for free and you'll get free mount and balance on those too. So if you are balling on a budget or you're just a smart shopper the Vision Soft 8 is for you. 





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