Most Popular RRW Wheels

September 3, 2020

About RRW


RRW was founded in 2016 and has been dedicated to designing beautiful wheels for off-road rigs that would be able to handle a wide variety of terrain. You can find a lot of their wheels on Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners along with Chevrolet Colorados and other mid-sized rigs. Today, we'll take a look at a few of their most popular models.


1. RR5-V






Starting off our list we have the RR5-V. This is a windowed six-spoke wheel that uses the center as the focal point. This is a very interesting wheel that seems to change the more you look at it. As we mentioned, this is a windowed design but the way RRW incorporates the windowed spokes is pretty unique. They alternate the sizing from large to small which gives the actual spoke of the wheel a defined look while keeping a sort of abstract design. There is also a simulated Beadlock around the outer lip. You can get the RR5-V in Gray, Matte Black, and Bronze Black finishes. 




2. RR4-V






We absolutely love the RR4-V! This is a wheel that perfectly captures a look that looks as good on the street as it does on the trail. It's a simple six-spoke design but has a decent amount of concavity and actually resembles a style similar to something you'd see on a car. This thing looks like it's ready to tackle anything from rock crawling to the sand dunes with ease. There are currently three finishes available for the RRW RR4-V; Gray, Matte Black, and Bronze Black. We think it looks incredible in all of them. 


RRW RR4-V Tacoma


3. RR6-H





If you're looking for more of an industrial look, then check out the RRW RR6-H. This is a multi-spoke wheel that, again, puts a lot of focus on the center of the wheel. You can see how the lugs and center cap are actually sunk back towards the barrel of the wheel. This provides a dramatic depth that really sets the RR6-H apart from its competition. Pair that with the incredibly intricate design of the outer lip and you have a beautifully crafted wheel that will look the part on any build. You can currently get the RR6-H in Gray, Bronze, or Matte Black finishes.


Lifted Tacoma RRW RR6-H


See more photos of RRW wheels in our gallery!



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