The All New Anthem Viper!

October 6, 2020

The day has finally come, the Anthem Off-Road Viper is here and available for you to order right now! Check it out!




The Design




The Anthem Off-Road Viper is the newest addition to the Anthem family. This wheel has an incredibly aggressive design that looks ready to take on even the worst of conditions off-road. The Viper is a full-face styled wheel which gives it the bold look that it bolsters. It is available in 1718, and 20-inch diameters, 8.59, and 10-inch widths, and -18, -12, and mm offsets. The finishes that the Viper comes in are satin and gloss black. It is available as low as $748 making it a very affordable wheel for your truck or off-roading vehicle. Finally, it is a one-piece alloy wheel with a 2500 load rating and it is available to order right now!




The Inspiration




The designer, Jon Chartier, says that his inspiration came from many places. One being car wheels of all things, he liked the look of car wheels with really small windows and wanted to be able to put that into an off-road wheel. He said he wanted to try something new and different, most wheel companies right now are creating multi-spoke wheels and he wanted to go in a different direction and shake things up with the full face design. Once the design came to fruition he decided it was too heavy and took out bits and pieces to lighten it up. Once he saw the final product he thought it looked like an airplane turbine which is where the Viper name came from because of the Viper Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft. 




This is definitely a wheel that you won't want to miss out on, we hope that you love it! 





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