Who The Heck is Kenda Tires?

November 20, 2020


One of the most renowned off-road aftermarket tire companies, Kenda Tires, has been making some of the best-performing tires in the industry. But who the heck is Kenda and how do they do what they do? 


Table of Contents:

  1. Who Is Kenda?

  2. How Do They Make Such Great Tires?

  3. How Do They Keep Prices Down?

  4. Kenda’s Best Sellers

  5. Get Them Here


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Who Is Kenda?


Whether you have a bicycle, motorcycle, UTV, ATV, Passenger Car, Drift Car, Race Car, Dirt Bike, Jeep, Off-Road Race Truck, Rock Crawler, or Golf Cart, Kenda has a tire for it. Originally started in 1962 making bicycle tires and operating in the United States since the eighties, Kenda has mastered the tire market across the board and they’ve been able to do that because they have one of the best research and development centers in the market.

Kenda will take all of their major, tier one, and tier two competitor’s tires and do every test you could possibly think of to set the benchmark for how they want their tires to perform.

In fact, it’s no surprise that their sponsored number forty-two Pro two trophy truck, driven by Kyle Klieman won this year’s Championship Off-Road Racing Series on Kenda’s DOT approved All-terrain and rugged terrain tires. A true testament to how well these tires grab, grip, and can hold up to even the worst abuse.




How Do They Make Such Great Tires?


It’s quite simple actually...they hire the best people in the tire industry. Their lead engineers have worked at some of the most well-known tire companies out there and combined have over a hundred and twenty-five years of tire engineering experience.

They have been able to use their combined experience and what they have learned over the years to develop their own tire compound and tread design along with other tire manufacturing techniques to create a line of tires that are now out-performing the same major tire brand company’s tires that they once worked for.

Not stealing their technologies, just improving them. But it’s not all in the initial design phase that Kenda tires stand out from the crowd, they also have millions and millions of dollars tied into their research and development facility where they have just about every tire testing machine that you can possibly think of to relentlessly test their tires in every which way possible.

And not only their own tires but as stated before, they test all the top tire brands to make sure Kenda tires are surpassing their competitor’s tire performances.




How Do They Keep Prices Down?


If you’re wondering how Kenda can keep their prices down, but still make high quality high performing tire lines, it’s actually a pretty simple, but effective strategy. Instead of spending millions in marketing dollars, Kenda relies more on its customers advertising for them. Their philosophy is that if they make an awesome tire, people will talk about them, tell their friends about them and more people will buy Kenda tires by learning about them through their friends and family rather than a tv commercial. 




Kenda’s Best Sellers


From the hardcore off-road guys to the weekend warrior and Overlanders, the three most suitable Kenda tires for them are going to be the Kenda Klever All-Terrain, the Kenda Klever Mud terrain, and the highly popular, best selling Kenda Klever Rugged Terrain.


  1. Kenda Klever All-Terrain
  2. Kenda Klever Mud-Terrain
  3. Kenda Klever Rugged-Terrain




Get Them Here


Get your Kenda Tires with the button below, or check out different build setups with Kenda Tires in our gallery below. And if your rig has Kenda tires on it, be sure to add it to our gallery!

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