NEW GMC Hummer EV Review

January 15, 2021


Everywhere you look there is news about the Hummer EV. You can't escape it, electric trucks seem to be the future in the automotive industry. This is great and all, but will they be able to keep up with their gasoline and diesel counterparts? Today we are going to break down the performance and capabilities of the new Hummer EV and let you know if it is worth the $$$$. Can the Hummer EV off-road? Read more to find out. 





Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Towing and Battery

3. Power and Technology

4. Aftermarket Support

5. Final Thoughts




Originally the new, Electric Version Hummer, was to be officially unveiled on May 20th of 2020, but due to Covid, GM pushed the unveiling back to October 20th, 2020. When GM unveiled the all-new, all-electric, GMC Hummer, it broke the internet.


hummer ev


But Why? It’s just a newer version of the Hummer H-two, but now it’s all-electric, so what’s the big deal?! Well GMC has built a first of it’s kind, revolutionary, on and off-road capable monster with its top-end trim level being offered with around one-thousand horsepower and eleven thousand, five hundred foot-pounds of torque! 


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Towing and Battery


Another spec that GM hasn’t released yet, or at least that we can’t find anywhere, is the Hummer EV’s towing capacity, but it will be interesting to see, not only what the towing capacity is, but how it affects the range of the battery between charges, which GMC hasn’t announced the actual size of the battery just yet, but the twenty-four module, the double-stacked pack provides an estimated range of three hundred and fifty-plus miles.


hummer ev


 Out of the sixty-eight thousand plus charging stations across the US, chances are good you’ll find somewhere to recharge, especially If you’re able to find one of GM’s eight-hundred volt, fast-charging stations. Then you can get one-hundred more miles in just ten minutes of charging with the charging status indicators are built right into the headlights visually letting you know from a distance where your battery’s charging status is at. 


Power and Technology


Now, GMC claims the electric Hummer EV generates the power and technology to conquer the off-road with extraordinary confidence, but can it actually take on the toughest off-pavement obstacles and dominate the trails or is their claimed off-roading prowess just hype?

 We are skeptical based on some shortcomings in previous Hummers. One is that the H-one and two were huge and impractical for tight trails or quickly maneuvering around obstacles and two unless you really beefed up the independent suspension, the sheer weight of the vehicle posed as a disadvantage to tie-rod ends, cv-joints, and ball joints as soon as you would get the tires spinning or were jammed up in the rocks. 


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Seeing as though the Hummer EV will have four-wheel steering and the ability to turn the rear wheels opposite of the front wheels or turn all four wheels in the same direction, which is referred to as crab-walking and can literally steer the vehicle sideways to avoid obstacles and really help the maneuverability out on the trails or while crawling through the rocks.

The Hummer EV will also come with thirty-five-inch tires but can be fitted with thirty-sevens without any additional mods needed and the air suspension can also raise an additional six inches, providing an impressive sixteen inches of ground clearance at full height.


hummer ev


 Not too bad, but what about things like optional lower gears with lockers? Well, that’s where GMC has designed the Hummer EV to have two motors in the rear, controlling each tire and allowing them to both turns at the same time like a locker does give you that extra traction while off-roading or even when on slippery surfaces like ice and snow.

 Another feature common with electric vehicles and that is helpful to the stability of the vehicle is that the batteries are located at the bottom of electric vehicles keeping the center of gravity pretty low and helping the stability in those off-camber situations or even while cornering at higher speeds. 


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Aftermarket Support


And then what about aftermarket upgrades?

I’m curious to see if GMC is going to have available suspension upgrades, stronger axle shafts, or additional drivetrain upgrades, or if any other aftermarket companies are going to manufacture upgrades to increase the off-road performance even more than what it is now? 




We’re going to guess that it’s highly unlikely with these electric vehicles as it will most definitely void some factory warranties and we’re thinking most people won’t want to pay out of pocket expenses for replacement parts on an electric vehicle. 


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Final Thoughts


I really can’t wait until we can check one of these out in person though. There seem to be a whole lot of those finer aesthetic details that can only be appreciated in-person. Like the thirteen-inch infotainment system and the twelve-inch digital instrument display, the quality of the upholstery and comfort of the seats to even getting a perspective of the size of the new Hummer HV or the visibility of the road while driving, especially with the eighteen different views you get from the Ultra-Vision front, rear, and under-body cameras.


hummer ev


 Or even getting a feeling of open-air with the Hummer’s new “Infinity Roof” that has three removable transparent panels that, when removed, can be placed and stored right in the front of the Hummer under the hood where you would normally find an that’s cool. 

And there are many other neat features that the new Hummer features, but not so new are the price tag. Although we’re in 2020 and not 1992, to me, spending over a hundred grand on a vehicle that is going to get used and abused off-road, EVEN if it IS an all-electric vehicle, still is a lot of money. We will leave it up to you to decide what you think. If you want to see more vehicle reviews check out our blog page here.



Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments down below!

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*All photos are courtesy of GMC





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