The Most Underrated Off-Road Wheel?!

November 17, 2020


Who is Mamba Off-Road? And what is our favorite aftermarket wheel that they make? Read below to find out these things and more! 





Table of Contents

1. Who is Mamba Off-Road?

2. M23

3. Design

4. Price


Who is Mamba Off-Road?


Made for those who live on the wild side. Mamba off-road specializes in off-road wheels and they have become the experts of all things off-road. Heat-treated aluminum alloys make up their products to ensure the highest quality and the strongest wheel on the market so that they can withstand anything you put them through.

Whether you are looking for a wheel to spice up your daily driver, or your off-road machine, Mamba Off-Road has got you covered. Known for their strength, durability, reliability, and amazing looks; this is definitely not a brand you want to miss out on.




They offer wheels in diameters ranging from 15” to 22”, widths from 8” to 12”, and offsets from -44mm to +10mm. Finally, Mamba Off-Road has wheels in a variety of bolt patterns and finishes so that anyone can find a wheel that they love.

If you choose to get a wheel and tire package with your set of Mamba Off-Road Wheels, you will get money off of that package, free shipping, and free mounting and balancing! We also offer as low as 0% APR financing. 




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Today we want to talk about the amazing Mamba Off-Road M23, one of our favorites from Mamba that you need to know about. Continue reading to learn about its design, performance, and price! And learn just why you need this wheel! 






The Mamba M23 is a one-piece, alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts. This wheel has a 6-spoke mesh design on the face. It is offered in many bolt patterns. The M23 comes in a black bronze finish and a black machined finish.

You can get it in a 17, 18, and 20-inch diameter, with a 9-inch width and a -12 or +12 mm offset. This a dream wheel for a true off-roader.




If you are unsure what size or bolt pattern to get, be sure to use our fitment gallery to help you find the perfect fit for your wheels and tires. All you need to do is input your year make and model and any suspension information as well and it will layout every fitment option that will work with your rig. Then all that you need to do is look through the photos and pick the look that you like the most and it will tell you what size/ fit that you need to achieve that look. Easy! 


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This wheel not only performs great and looks great, but it also comes in at a fantastic, cost-effective price as well. If you are interested in this awesome wheel, it ranges from only $708-$944 for a set! Check it out with the button below! 






We hope that now you know a little more about Mamba Off-Road and love them as much as we do! Be sure to go and check them out and get your hands on a set of their wheels while they are still in stock. With this sale, they are going fast! 



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