Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT2 Review

December 3, 2020


So this tire is one of Fury's newest offerings in their mud-terrain package. So let's dive right into this one. Here is our tire review of the Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT2.





Table of Contents

1. Tread Pattern

2. Load Rating

3. Sizing

4. Pricing


Tread Pattern


The first thing that I notice on this one over the last rendition of this aftermarket tire, the regular M/T, is this center tread pattern. Now in the past M/T, they had much smaller tread blocks, a lot more compact and kind of square pieces. What Fury's done with the center tread pattern on this tire is actually made those blocks significantly bigger.

This allows it to have a much more closed center tread pattern, which is gonna give you a much quieter ride on the road, it's gonna ride a little smoother, it's just not gonna make quite as much noise 'cause there's more tread block than there is void.


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Now the cool thing with this tire is it's a little more closed in the center but as you get to the outside it gets very open. So you have these big, massive tread blocks that come off to the side, grooving on the side corners as well, and these big, old siping grooves in between the blocks.

This is gonna really help you kick up that mud and stones and debris and the stuff that if you happen to find yourself off the pavement, it's really gonna help with traction in those scenarios. 


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Load Rating


All right so moving right along with this tire, the next thing I wanna talk to you about is the load rating. So Fury actually hooked it up on this. They're gonna have all of their product offerings in this tire are either an E rating or an F rating.

So what that's gonna mean is they're either, I believe that they're either a 10-ply or a 12-ply which is really gonna have the sidewall rating for most of your 1/2 ton and up trucks, and including some of your more heavy-duty 3/4 and one ton. Which is pretty cool. Not all companies out there are making a little bit heavier duty tire so it's cool to see Fury do that. Especially in some of their odd sizes. 


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Which segues us right into the next bit, actually. Sizing on these bad boys. So Fury hooks it up, they're coming in all the way from 17 to 24 inches, so 17, 18, 20, 22, and 24 on these guys. Which is cool because those are still an E rated tire.

So thinner sidewall, really wide tire, plus it's gonna give you that really aggressive look. Again, Fury's got that whole lineup that you can check out. You can check out the Country Hunter M/T Two, the original M/T, their RT, basically all their tires right on TrailBuilt.com.


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The Price of this tire is pretty standard for a mud tire. The price for the Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT2 ranges from $1,016 to $2,288 for a set. This aligns with their original MT pretty well and is an even better price point in many cases. 

And if you’re looking into getting some wheels too you will save on that wheel and tire package, and you will get free mounting and balancing as well as free shipping. On top of that, we offer as low as 0% APR financing. Happy shopping!





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