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General Grabber A/TX Tire Review

December 14, 2020

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The Grabber A/TX by General is their newest All-Terrain Tire and is already being called the greatest All-Terrain Tire on the market? But is this all talk or is it true? We are here to break it all down for you guys. Read below to learn more about The General Grabber A/TX.





Table of Contents

1. Who Is General Tires?

2. Overview

3. Tread Design and Compound

4. Sizing


Who Is General Tires?


General Tires Logo


General Tires was originally founded in 1915 and based out of Akron, Ohio. They offer aftermarket tires for cars, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, and even commercial trucks. They aim to create tires that are durable, high performance, and give you a comfortable ride. They are a big competitor in the tire industry with their value-oriented prices. 


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The first thing we wanted to point out, is that the A/TX could easily be confused with the previous model, the AT2 Line as they both have almost identical center tread patterns, but the biggest noticeable change is the staggered and blocky shoulder lugs and side biters, as you'll notice that they are much more defined than the AT2.


General Grabber ATX


The A/TX, which the X means that it's designated by General Tire as a hybrid or crossover tire, and was designed to be a blend of General X3 mud terrain with a more robust sidewall and aggressive shoulder lugs and General's previous AT2 altering to give it respectable on-road handling and a quiet ride plus lots of great traction characteristics without sacrificing off-road performance.

And that's where you guys that have daily drivers who still need their Toyotas, Jeeps, trucks, or SUVs to handle well on the road, last a good amount of miles, and still take you where you need to go off-road are really gonna like this tire.

Almost everyone we talked to that had the A/TX, gave it a more than an acceptable review. In fact, it's the tire choice for popular overlanders like Expedition Overland, for example, who have been running General Tires since they started. 


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Tread Design and Compound


From a distance to tread design looks to be compactly designed to help aid in reducing road noise. But at closer inspection, the tread voids and tread depth look like they will do a decent job at evacuating mud as long as you have them spinning at a fast rate of speed. Same with the snow, especially the wet heavy stuff.

A decent amount of wheel speed and they'll clear out pretty good. Not surprisingly, the A/TX has ample space between the lugs as these are rated as a three-peak mountain snowflake rated tire, which means they've passed a set standard as being a high performing tire in severe winter weather driving conditions.


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The A/TX also has ample amounts of various zigzag style siping for extra adhesion on wet or slippery surfaces and subtle holes to really help aid in those situations where you do a lot of winters driving in areas where studded tires are legal anyways; which they are not legal here in Wisconsin. Stud size for the A/TX is 12 millimeters or TSM number 13, in case you live in a state where studding the tires is legal and are looking to stud them.


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General also states that they have what is called comfort balanced technology, which is a tread cushioning system built as a cushioning layer under the tread and is designed to provide an extra level of isolation from road disturbances to help quiet and smooth out the ride for a bit of extra road comfort.

General has also designed the pattern of the tread to pitch in a way that gives it a five road tread block pattern for high-density multi-angled tread block edges to give them an ability to continuously bite and clot the terrain below in multiple directions for that extra traction in many types of terrain.

Plus the alternating shoulder scoops allow a more wide and open area for additional grip on the rocks and for more hardcore wheeling situations, especially while air down. The tread compound is also made with what general calls a dirge and technology to provide firm adhesion to the road and rocks plus excellent resistance against chips and cuts.


General graber atx tire photo




General Tire offers their A/TX in 40 different sizes with one of them being a 14-inch wheel size and the rest from 15 inches to 20-inch wheel sizes.

A few of the sizes mostly in the 15-inch size are offered in a C load range rating, a few D load range ratings across several different wheel size offerings, and except for a couple of XL load range, the rest are offered in the E load range rating, and guys to find all the load rating specs, different sizes and all the other specs including pricing, they'll all be listed under each A/TX tire on TrailBuilt. 


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All, right guys, that is all that we have for you today, and remember wheels, tires, suspension, and accessories for your Jeep Toyota truck or SUV make sure and check us out trailbuiltoffroad.com.

Finally, when you get tires and wheels in a package, you will not only receive money off of that package, you will also get free shipping as well as free mounting and balancing too. We also offer as low as 0% APR financing! 







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