What Are The Biggest Off-Roading Trends?

April 7, 2021

With the ever-changing world that we live in now. Being outdoors has become a huge pastime for many. Here are some of the main trends that we have seen out there. 





Table of Contents

  1. Lighting

  2. Cameras

  3. Off-Road Factory Vehicles

  4. UTVs

  5. Overlanding






Lights that mount on your rig have become a huge trend aka auxiliary lights. From fog lights, amber lights, Pod lights, reverse lights, rock lights, roof rack lights, heated headlights, and even L.E.D. lighted whips… most popular and recognized even at King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, California. There are even digital lights for lighting up your lights like the s-pod digital, dash-mounted, switch panels for example.


Lighting on off-road truck


And most of these lights that we’re seeing are L.E.D.s or “Light-Emitting Diodes” and it’s because they have come quite a long way since their first introduction to the off-road scene back in the nineties when L.E.D. tail lights were used on the back of desert racing trucks for much more visibility in the dust and at night than the regular incandescent tail-light bulbs and the rest was history from there.


Off-road lighting


They are much more affordable than what they used to be, there’s no wonder why so many people are now fitting their rigs with auxiliary lights and are one of the most popular trends. 




Off-road lighting






And next on our list of popular growing trends is another electrical addition for many off-road enthusiasts out there and those are... cameras both for pictures and videos. Especially drone cameras. And not only just the cameras themselves but as more and more people start to experience the tranquility and adventure of the off-road lifestyle, they are also really starting to get into documenting their travels.



*Photo courtesy of Method. 


There is the rising popularity of off-road, adventure-driven, YouTube channels popping up left and right. Vlogging and storytelling as a visual creator give people a real chance at making a full-time living doing what they love as many have already done it! 



*Photo courtesy of Moment. 


Off-Road Factory Vehicles


Another popular trend comes straight from the automotive manufactures and that is, creating more off-road capable, factory-built, four-by-fours. This year we finally got to see the new Ford Bronco, then the new all-electric Hummer, then Jeep announced the 392, cubic inch Hemi Wrangler.




When automotive companies start building vehicles relating to certain trends, like off-roading, you know that particular trend is popular as these companies have millions and millions of dollars invested in just the research and development of the design of the vehicle well before it even hits the production stage and they’re not about to waste all that money if it wasn’t for good reason.








 Moving on to number four in our Top five most popular off-road trends list is U.T.V.s. Also known as side by sides, but these machines are damn near taking over the Jeep market, their popularity is blowing up. Even to the point where they are somewhat becoming controversial as there are a rather large number of side-by-side guys that are a bit reckless.



*Photo courtesy of RAM Off-Road


They build up their rigs with loud stereos and exhaust systems then go blazing down the trails at ninety mph, creating all kinds of noise pollution. We have seen an explosion in the side-by-side market. 



*Photo courtesy of RAM Off-Road. 




Last but not least. Yup, you guessed it. It’s Overlanding. Described as a self-reliant journey to any given destination where it is not the destination that is the adventure but the journey getting there.

Also known as car or vehicle camping, Overlanding has become a favorite for many as it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race. Overlanding is last on this list but is the number one biggest trend! 



Alright, guys, well those are just five of the biggest off-road trends that we noticed, so if you guys have noticed any other big off-road trends, make sure and let us know in the comments below. 

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