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So you’re buying a new set of wheels and tires and you’re trying to find that perfect sizing. But how do all of the numbers compare to each other? How much backspacing will you need and what do vehicles look like with that size? How do tire sizes compare to each other? We’re here to help.

Offset/Backspacing Calculator

Wondering how much backspacing you have with your current or desired offset? Let us help you make sure you have the perfect stance. What is backspacing and offset? Check out this page to help you understand the differences: Click here

Wheel/Tire Size Comparison and Clearance Calculator

Looking to upgrade your stance and want to make sure you have enough room? Use this calculator to make sure your future setup will fit!

To start, plug in your current wheel width, offset, height, width, and diameter in comparison to a new setup, and it will give you the difference in clearance and positioning.

Inner Clearance:  
Outer Position:  
Diameter difference:  

Tire Size Comparison Calculator

Want new tires but you’re not sure how much of a change your setup will make? Use this calculator to make sure your tires are similar sizes front and rear!

Diameter difference:  

Metric/Standard Conversion Calculator

Looking to buy new tires but you’re not sure how the tire sizes change from metric to standard? Use this calculator to make sure you’re getting the size you need!



Bolt Pattern Metric to Standard Conversion Calculator

What’s the difference between standard and metric bolt patterns? Use this calculator to make sure you get the right bolt pattern for your ride!